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Tuesday March 3, 2015

myFC Debuts World’s Smallest Portable Fuel Cell Charger at Mobile World Congress

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Aberdeen City Announces Routes for Europe’s largest hydrogen bus fleet

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Sun rises on new solar route to hydrogen

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Monday March 2, 2015

Energy Department Invests $10M Through the Fuel Cell Technologies Incubator Funding Opportunity to Support Innovations in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Fuel Technologies

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MTI Micro now known as MeOH Power

7:01 AM Comments: Closed

Hydrogen obtained from wastewater

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Friday February 27, 2015

FuelCell Energy Completes Sale of University Micro-grid Project to NRG Yield

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Intelligent Energy is delighted to announce the acquisition of the portable fuel cell and disposable fuel cartridge assets of Société Bic

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NEESC Announces 2015 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Plans for Eight Northeastern States

8:05 AM Comments: Closed

Linde to be the exclusive hydrogen supplier of the Shell Eco-marathon

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Bloom Energy fuel cell to power Stop & Shop in Mt. Vernon, New York store

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Implats moves to power platinum refinery with platinum fuel cells

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Thursday February 26, 2015

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Drivers From Southern California Accumulate Sufficient Mileage To Reach The Moon Emissions-free

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Ground Breaking Research Demonstrates That Renewable Hydrogen Technologies Is Financially Viable Today

7:43 AM Comments: Closed

Researchers at Clarkson University Aim to Improve Hydrogen Storage Systems

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Air Products Presents Paper, Displays Hydrogen Fueling Technology at FC Expo in Japan

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Wednesday February 25, 2015

FCO Power Announces Development of Next-Generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack for Residential Fuel Cell Systems in Existing Apartments

8:20 AM Comments: Closed

How the Future is Made: Behind the Scenes of Toyota ‘Mirai’ Production

7:10 AM Comments: Closed

Ceramic Fuel Cells Announces Termination of Bergen Agreement

6:24 AM Comments: Closed

TANAKA to Have Exhibit at FC EXPO 2015

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Tuesday February 24, 2015

The French Poste Office and Renault Trucks jointly test a hydrogen-powered truck running on a fuel cell

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Toyota unveils fuel-cell car assembly line

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Highlight at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show: The new fuel cell concept car QUANTiNO

7:24 AM Comments: Closed

California to spend $20 million on building part of ‘hydrogen highway’

6:53 AM Comments: Closed

Lawmakers wants more fuel cell use in Connecticut

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