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Wednesday October 1, 2014

FuelCell Energy Announces Funding Award for Advanced Material Development of Next-Generation Fuel Cell Power Plants

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Algae deliver hydrogen

8:09 AM Comments: Closed

Rice University’s cheap hybrid outperforms rare metal as fuel-cell catalyst

6:37 AM Comments: Closed

UC San Diego “keeping the lights on” by Increasing the Capacity of its Microgrid Integrating its 2.8-megawatt fuel cell

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Tuesday September 30, 2014

Fuel cell-powered mobile lights tested, proven, ready for commercial use

8:54 AM Comments: Closed

POSCO Energy Builds World’s Largest Fuel Cell Power Station in Pyeongtaek

8:06 AM Comments: Closed

Intelligent Energy Showcases Electronic Device Powered By Embedded Fuel Cell

7:00 AM Comments: Closed

Sandia National Laboratories Issues a Request for Quotation for a Hydrogen Station Test Device

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Monday September 29, 2014

Ballard Receives ElectraGen™ Fuel Cell System Order For Deployments in Digicel Network

6:37 PM Comments: Closed

Merlin Fuel Cell Design Propels ROBRADY to Distinguished Red Dot Award

8:54 AM Comments: Closed

Sandvik Materials Technology Testing Fuel Cell Cars

8:37 AM Comments: Closed

Auto Industry Recognizes Value of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

7:16 AM Comments: Closed

Bennett Pump Providing Fuel Dispensers for Hydrogen Station Network

6:45 AM Comments: Closed

Johnson Matthey acquires Catacel

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Friday September 26, 2014

Cheap hydrogen fuel from the sun – without rare metals

7:38 AM Comments: Closed

McPhy Energy welcomes new investors

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Thursday September 25, 2014

Nuvera to Supply Hydrogen at Second Greenfield Site for Ace Hardware

10:39 AM Comments: Closed

Hydrogen Production: Creation of a Global Leader in PEM Electrolysis

10:32 AM Comments: Closed

WinDí, a new wind-hydrogen project in the Faroe islands – the first NAHA initiated project

9:27 AM Comments: Closed

Espar Launches Fuel-Cell CNG Heaters

6:10 AM Comments: Closed

Dena/Power-to-Gas Working Group: Hydrogen and Methane Derived from Renewables Should be Considered Renewable Fuels

5:14 AM Comments: Closed

Wednesday September 24, 2014

Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Systems, The National Aerospace Centre to jointly fund research by Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) into the application of fuel cells

3:10 PM Comments: Closed

Fuel cells to power regional trainsets

10:25 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel Cells Power Tractor, Energy Independence and Renewable Energy Targets

8:14 AM Comments: Closed

Intelligent Energy Showcases Electronic Device Powered By Embedded Fuel Cell

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