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Thursday January 29, 2015

Ballard’s Customer Wins European Union Funding For 21 Fuel Cell Buses

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92.5 percent of EFOY fuel cell owners recommend it to their friends!

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SiGNa Chemistry Acquires Critical Hydrogen Assets of Jadoo Power

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ITM Power announces the imminent publication of a major new report “Commercialisation of Energy Storage in Europe”, funded by the The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

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Wednesday January 28, 2015

Washington Auto Show Spotlight: How Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Work

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Plug Power Aligns Executive Team to Prep Business for Growth and New Market Expansion in 2015

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Gov’t drives Korea’s fuel-cell technology

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Converting Natural Gas Into Electricity Using Fuel Cells

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Cal State L.A. becomes the first to sell hydrogen fuel to public

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Tuesday January 27, 2015

Saint-Lô, France: Inauguration of the first Air Liquide hydrogen filling station for a regional authority

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The Swedish Energy Agency grants leading fuel cell company PowerCell 5 MSEK (EUR 530,000) for the development of a modular fuel cell system for stationary applications

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Swansea Council Honors Fuel Cell Pioneer Sir William Grove

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Monday January 26, 2015

Symbio FCell Launches the First 5 Hydrogen-Powered Utility Vehicles out of a 40 Fleet in La Manche (France)

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Hydrogenics to Supply 1MW PEM Electrolyzer to European Consortium

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Fuel Cell expected to get $10 million loan approved by state

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NCSU researchers develop catalytic compound to produce hydrogen and syngas feedstock

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SW’s Doosan Fuel Cell ramps up production

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EERE Announces Notice of Intent to Issue Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Research, Development, and Demonstrations FOA

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Friday January 23, 2015

Kyoto to launch car-sharing service using fuel-cell vehicles

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Toyota to quadruple production of Mirai fuel-cell vehicles by 2017

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Robust Fuel Cells for Trucks: New Christian Doppler Laboratory Opens at Forschungszentrum Jülich

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Thursday January 22, 2015

Cal State L.A. Station Certified to Sell Hydrogen Fuel to the Public

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Neah Power Systems Successfully Completes PowerChip(R) Testing at DRDO of the Government of India

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Wednesday January 21, 2015

ITM Power Announces it Will be Launching New Product Range

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New Facility and Equipment Acquisition Prep HFCO for Growth

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