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Friday October 2, 2015

Grand Coalition for hydrogen: Daimler, Linde and partners to build new hydrogen fuelling stations in Germany

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Watch the Mirai Fly-Fuel Cell Car exceeding initial production run

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Fuel cells are the future: Univerity of British Colombia

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NREL to Dedicate Hydrogen Fueling Station

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Fuel cell buses at ISWA 2015, 7-9 September, Antwerp

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Thursday October 1, 2015

ITM Power Signs Agreement with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy: Targets U.K. Van Market

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Intelligent Energy announces milestone £1.2 billion deal to provide efficient, economical and clean power to over 27,400 telecom towers in India

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Ballard Announces Sale of Telecom Backup Power Systems to Aditya Birla in India

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National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Supporting the rollout of hydrogen energy

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Green Leaders from Around the World Gather in Korea for Hyundai’s First Green Leaders Meeting on Fuel Cell Technology

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myFC intends to sell PowerTrekk assets

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Business Leaders Announce Formation of Clean Fuels Michigan

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Wednesday September 30, 2015

NEL ASA: Acquisition of RotoLyzer® successfully completed-Opens new market segments for hydrogen refueling stations where space is limited

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Innovation of fuel cells with gas diffusion layers

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Honda to Unveil Next Generation Hydrogen Car at 44th Tokyo Motor Show

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October 8-National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day

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Tuesday September 29, 2015

Ballard Inks $6M Deal in China For First Global Deployment of Fuel Cell-Powered Trams

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U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $22.5 Million to Put More Low and No-Emission Vehicles into Service Across America

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NY State Funds Morgan Stanley Fuel Cell Installation in its Manhattan offices

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Monday September 28, 2015

Hydrogen Production: Creation of AREVA H2-Gen joint venture a Global Leader in PEM Electrolysis

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Smart Grids and solid state hydrogen-based energy storage-News from INGRID Project

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McPhy to equip its first hydrogen refuelling station in France

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Fuel cell researcher finds Waterloo a catalyst for automotive innovation

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Saturday September 26, 2015

Ballard Lands $17M Deal For Deployment of ~300 Fuel Cell Buses in China

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Friday September 25, 2015

H2 Logic part of new €68 million Hydrogen Mobility Europe project

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