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Friday October 24, 2014

University of Bridgeport Fuel Cell Powered Microgrid Project Will Benefit Bridgeport Residents

7:31 AM Comments: Closed

Methanol Fuel Cell Company Oorja Names Charles Shalvoy as New CEO

6:43 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel cell industry aims for 1,200MW regional deployment

6:28 AM Comments: Closed

MHI, Chiyoda plan first offshore hydrogen plant

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Thursday October 23, 2014

Nordic leading cleantech company PowerCell develops a Range Extender for electric vehicles

8:08 AM Comments: Closed

Danbury Fair Goes Green By Adding Fuel Cell To Power The Mall

7:20 AM Comments: Closed

Golden State Foods Hosts Grand Opening For New Distribution Center Features Hydrogen Fuel Cell

6:19 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association Partners with Fuel Cell Seminar for 2014 Conference

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Wednesday October 22, 2014

Ballard and Van Hool Launch Service Centre to Support European Clean Energy Fuel Cell Buses

7:14 AM Comments: Closed

NASA is catalyst for hydrogen technology

5:57 AM Comments: Closed

Home made hydrogen fuel cells for your house may be the answer to SA’s energy crisis

5:03 AM Comments: Closed

Boris Johnson’s deputy Kit Malthouse slams support for electric cars

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Tuesday October 21, 2014


8:51 AM Comments: Closed

ITM Power takes delivery of Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle

8:03 AM Comments: Closed

HyperSolar Achieves Breakthrough in Hydrogen Separation Process

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Monday October 20, 2014

Ceramic Fuel Cells Announces that Funding for Fuel Cell Systems in German State has Reached 100 units

3:46 PM Comments: Closed

Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG: Heliocentris receives EUR 1.5 million in subsidies for new type of fuel cell development

9:03 AM Comments: Closed

Hydrogen powered cars are coming, says Loughborough University researcher

8:14 AM Comments: Closed

South African tech firm Business Connexion working on hydrogen fuel cells for your home

6:51 AM Comments: Closed

Friday October 17, 2014

Technical breakthrough with new fuel concept from myFC

8:21 AM Comments: Closed

Second report released on FC buses in Whistler, Canada

6:14 AM Comments: Closed

Thursday October 16, 2014

Ballard Signs MOU with Rigas Satiksme and Skoda Electric For Clean Trolley Bus Program

8:16 AM Comments: Closed

Simon Fraser University furthers collaboration with Indian Oil on hydrogen and fuel cell tech research

7:34 AM Comments: Closed

In Japan you can drive a Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle on the road in December 2014

6:53 AM Comments: Closed

Is Hydrogen Power Costa Rica’s Energy Solution?

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