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Friday August 22, 2014

Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel

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Thursday August 21, 2014

Researchers create more efficient fuel cells for mobile devices

12:58 PM Comments: Closed

Mantra Announces Successful Mission to Japan and Hong Kong

9:02 AM Comments: Closed

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells from Powerbox Provide Reliable Back-up Power for Radio Communications Equipment

7:35 AM Comments: Closed

Toyota hydrogen power touted for BMW i3

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Wednesday August 20, 2014

Intelligent Energy Plans to Produce 50K Fuel Cell Chargers

10:15 AM Comments: Closed

AFC Energy delighted as cleantech veteran becomes new finance head

8:40 AM Comments: Closed

ReliOn and CIC USA Project Named Finalist in 2014 CTIA E-Tech Awards

8:26 AM Comments: Closed

Support in building a hydrogen infrastructure – Bohlen & Doyen join the Clean Energy Partnership

7:34 AM Comments: Closed

Ceramic Fuel Cells Cuts Costs Following Full-Year Loss

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Tuesday August 19, 2014

Ohio to Test Fuel Cells for Public Transit

8:54 AM Comments: Closed

HyperSolar Hails International Hydrogen Fuel Advancements

6:36 AM Comments: Closed

Mantra Announces Continued Expansion of Research Team

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Monday August 18, 2014

Fuel Cell Technology Powering the Sutter Santa Rosa Hospital Campus

9:49 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel Cell Developer Altergy Settles Dispute with Enersys

8:31 AM Comments: Closed

Ballard ElectraGenTM Fuel Cell Systems

8:13 AM Comments: Closed

Plug Power Rings NASDAQ Closing Bell

7:14 AM Comments: Closed

Toyota rolling out fuel-cell vehicle in S.F.

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Friday August 15, 2014

Molecular shuttle speeds up hydrogen production

8:02 AM Comments: Closed

Next Fuel, Inc. Signs Million Dollar Investment

7:00 AM Comments: Closed

DOE Announces Webinars on Integrating Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, a Site Selection Tool for Utility-Scale PV, and More

5:58 AM Comments: Closed

Thursday August 14, 2014

Why the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rollout may now succeed

3:32 PM Comments: Closed

Fuel Cells to Power Light Rail Systems

12:44 PM Comments: Closed

Plug Power revenue doubles as fuel cell demand soars

8:16 AM Comments: Closed

Oxford researchers announce potential game changer in the use of hydrogen as a “green” fuel

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