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Tuesday July 15, 2014

AFC Energy Signs MOU with Chang Shin Chemical for up to 5MW fuel cell power system

7:06 AM Comments: Closed

RUB chemists develop novel catalyst in hopes of cutting costs of fuel cells

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Monday July 14, 2014

AFC signs MOU with Chang Shin Chemical for up to 5MW fuel cell power system

10:18 AM Comments: Closed

Rutgers Chemists Develop Technology to Produce Clean-Burning Hydrogen Fuel

7:47 AM Comments: Closed

Ceres Power to Raise Funds for Advancing Fuel-Cell Technolo

6:55 AM Comments: Closed

Sunday July 13, 2014

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell has driven a record distance for a hydrogen-powered production car on a single tank – 700km through three countries

7:13 PM Comments: Closed

Friday July 11, 2014

Plug Power Shares in Celebration of New Ace Hardware Facility in Texas; Ace Orders Additional GenDrive Units

9:06 AM Comments: Closed

Thursday July 10, 2014

Infrared-activated fuel cells

9:19 AM Comments: Closed

Wednesday July 9, 2014

GEI Global Energy Corp. Announces Partnership for Italy Fuel Cell Deployment

11:41 PM Comments: Closed

More California gas stations can provide hydrogen than previously thought, Sandia study says

12:30 PM Comments: Closed

DOE Issues Request for Information on Fuel Cells for Continuous On-Board Recharging for Battery Electric Light-Duty Vehicles

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Tuesday July 8, 2014

Sussex Police to test electric and fuel cell vehiclesSussex

10:48 PM Comments: Closed

Mantra Announces US Patent for Fuel Cell

2:26 PM Comments: Closed

Advanced Modular Hydrogen Tank for Vehicles Created

12:18 PM Comments: Closed

Monday July 7, 2014

Toyota seeks exemption for its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

12:23 PM Comments: Closed

Scientists Create Ultra-Efficient Solar Powered Fuel Cells for Capturing and Converting Carbon

11:43 AM Comments: Closed

Intelligent Energy raises £55m in stellar clean tech IPO

9:24 AM Comments: Closed

Microsoft begins research project aimed at hydrogen fuel cells

7:12 AM Comments: Closed

Friday July 4, 2014

Japan announces roadmap for hydrogen introduction

8:00 PM Comments: Closed

Globe Telecom equips cell sites with back-up fuel cell powered solutions

9:15 AM Comments: Closed

POSCO Energy sets sights on fuel cell market in Japan

8:09 AM Comments: Closed

Thursday July 3, 2014

Next shipment of hydrogen buses rolls into Aberdeen

11:00 AM Comments: Closed

Hydrogen Production Systems Provider Acta S.p.A. Announces Commercial Update

9:03 AM Comments: Closed

Toyota to supply fuel cell vehicle parts to other automakers

7:33 AM Comments: Closed

Insights from nature for more efficient water splitting-Mineral-Based Catalyst Efficiently Splits Water into Oxygen and Hydrogen Ions at Neutral pH

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