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Monday May 18, 2015

Fuel cell project lights the way

7:08 AM Comments: Closed

South Korea’s Fuel-Cell Strategy Takes Page From China Solar Playbook

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Friday May 15, 2015

City of Riverside Demonstrates Environmental Leadership With Carbon Neutral On-Site FuelCell Energy Power Plant

7:58 AM Comments: Closed

Air Liquide and Toyota Host Hydrogen Economy Information Session and Mirai “Ride-and-Drive” at the New York State Capitol

7:04 AM Comments: Closed

EFOY supports FlightLevelZero during the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye

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Thursday May 14, 2015

Six Doosan Fuel Cells Go Live at South Korean Utility Company

8:03 AM Comments: Closed

Toyota and Mazda to Work Together on Fuel-Cell, Hybrid Expertise

6:27 AM Comments: Closed

Researchers develop a novel organic device for obtaining hydrogen from water and sunlight

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Wednesday May 13, 2015

Ballard Receives Order For Additional Next-Gen Fuel Cell Bus Module from Solaris

8:30 AM Comments: Closed

AFC says fuel cell project in Germany still on target

7:32 AM Comments: Closed

AFC Energy-Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence comment on 300MW MoU

6:22 AM Comments: Closed

Golden Age Resources Issues Update on Construction Plans and Financing of Fuel Cell Cogeneration Pilot Project in Mexico

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Tuesday May 12, 2015

There’s a lot to expect from the Plug POWERTrip!

7:46 AM Comments: Closed

Automobiles Powered With Oxygen A Step Closer To Reality With Indian Fuel Cell Research

7:15 AM Comments: Closed

HyperSolar Comments on Capitol Hill Briefing Surrounding Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies

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Monday May 11, 2015

Presentation of f-cell award 2015

7:23 AM Comments: Closed

SIC hydrogen fuel study

7:00 AM Comments: Closed

Toyota Motor And Mazda Reportedly In Talks On Expanding Partnership

6:05 AM Comments: Closed

Friday May 8, 2015

Simark Controls and Gentherm Global Power Technologies Enter Into Sales Agreement for EFOY Pro Energy Solutions

3:23 PM Comments: Closed

A New Back-Up Approach for Wireless OSP Delivers Simplicity through Integration and Provides Savings

7:12 AM Comments: Closed

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and Taiwan’s Green Trade Project Office Sign MOU

6:16 AM Comments: Closed

Thursday May 7, 2015

Toyota Mirai: Coming This Fall to Eight California Toyota Showrooms

8:07 AM Comments: Closed

Upp™ Fuel Cell Power Solution Named 2015 Gold Edison Award Winner

7:12 AM Comments: Closed

Wednesday May 6, 2015

Six Doosan Fuel Cells Go Live At South Korean Utility Company

8:52 AM Comments: Closed

Hyundai Motor UK Announces Price of World’s First Mass Production Fuel Cell Vehicle

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