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Friday December 12, 2014

Research at the University of Birmingham takes one step forward towards making fuel cells cheaper and more affordable

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Thursday December 11, 2014

FuelCell Energy Reaches Industry Milestone of Three Billion Kilowatt Hours of Fuel Cell Power Generation Benefiting Public Health on Three Continents

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SFC Energy receives German Bundeswehr order to investigate applications of 0.5 kW fuel cells in defense vehicles

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Hyundai Fuel Cell Hydrogen-Powered Electric Engine Named To Ward’s 10 Best Engines List

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AFC Energy Announces that its 25 Fuel Cell Stack Trial was a Success

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Air Products Sells Hydrogen Fueling Station to Hyundai Australia

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New hydrogen car fueling station commissioned in West Sacramento

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Wednesday December 10, 2014

Hydrogen-powered ix35 Fuel Cell arrives in Australia

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Toyota to triple output capacity for fuel cell vehicles

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Japan to relax overly tight restrictions on hydrogen stations to make them cheaper to build

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SBIR/STTR Release 2 Funding Opportunity Deadline December 15—Includes Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

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Tuesday December 9, 2014

Edinburgh Napier University pioneers green fuel cell on campus

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Japan Promotes Home Fuel Cell on Path to Hydrogen Society

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First Retail Hydrogen Refueling Station In Northern California Opening In West Sacramento

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STC.UNM funds Pajarito Powder LLC: company is manufacturing and selling non-platinum, drop-in replacement catalysts for fuel cells

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HyperSolar Achieves Major Breakthrough in Splitting Water Into Renewable Hydrogen Fuel

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Monday December 8, 2014

The Swedish region Västra Götaland gets its first hydrogen filling station

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AFC Energy releases update on world’s largest alkaline fuel cell system

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CFDRC Publishes Results on JP-8 Fuel Cell and Secures Additional Funding for Research

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UBE Nylon Resin Used in High-Pressure Hydrogen Tank of Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan

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Engineers Invent Inks for Making 3-D Printed Fuel Cells

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Friday December 5, 2014

UIL Holdings Displays Industry and Environmental Leadership With Purchase of High Efficiency Fuel Cell Power Plant for Gas Pipeline Application

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Toyota Motor to lead “hydrogen society”: president

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Semiconductor nanowire mesh produces clean hydrogen fuel

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Thursday December 4, 2014

Plug Power Signs Multi-Year ReliOn Fuel Cell Contract With Communications Company Valued at $20M

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