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Delft University Students Unveil New Greenchoice Forze Hydrogen Kart


Today the new hydrogen kart of Greenchoice Forze, the Formula Zero team Delft, has been
unveiled. Ivo Opstelten, former mayor of Rotterdam, together with Dutch racing driver and
former Le Mans winner, Jan Lammers officially unveiled the students’ hydrogen kart at the
sports centre of the Delft University of Technology. Ivo Opstelten praised the students’
initiative and said he was honored to give the starting signal together with Jan Lammers.
“In this project I see the future of motorsport” said Jan Lammers.

Following the starting signal a spectacular racing demonstration was given. The only
sound came from the squeaking tires and buzzing electric motors. The only waste product
was pure water from the exhaust.

The racing team aims to win the upcoming races in an environmentally friendly manner.
Besides the power source, which is a hydrogen fuel cell, the bodywork is another
interesting feature. It consists of more than 70% renewable materials, like natural fibers
and a specially developed bio-based resin from DSM. More over, the teams’ CO2 emission,
resulting from transportation, is compensated by 100% green energy supplier

Het Formula Zero Championship
The Formula Zero Championship is the first racing competition fuelled by hydrogen, and thus
producing no harmful emission. The hydrogen that the fuel cell uses, is generated in a
sustainable manner end has no negative effect on the environment. With the hydrogen kart the
team from Delft, the Netherlands, will try to extend their title as reigning world champion in the
Formula Zero Championship.

The Greenchoice Forze kart has a top speed of 120 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5
seconds. The continuous power of 8 kW (11 BHP), to drive two electric motors, is provided by a
hydrogen fuel cell. Water is the only exhaust product. This water is more pure than tap water.
Another innovation is the possibility to regenerate and store braking energy. This provides the
kart with a temporary boost power of 45 BHP. The possibility to separately drive the left- and
right- rear wheel is another distinctive feature. By varying the power of both wheels, the kart is
able to make faster, sharper turns than ordinary karts.

The vehicle has advanced electronic systems to control all features and to guarantee safety.
Advanced, sustainable materials have been used such natural fibers, e.g. flax, in combination
with a specially developed bio-based resin from DSM. Due to this innovative usage of materials,
the bodywork is made of 70% renewable materials.

Formula Zero team Delft
The Formula Zero team Delft consists of more than 40 students from various faculties of Delft
University of Technology. The student team has developed a kart that is powered by hydrogen
using fuel cell technology. By racing sustainably the team wants to promote and develop
sustainable technology in an attractive way.

The team is officially the world’s first hydrogen racing team and has already won the world’s first
hydrogen race in the centre of Rotterdam last year. Currently the team leads the Formula Zero
competition. In August 2009 the team will compete in races in England, the Netherlands, Belgium
and Spain. All of these races are part of the Formula Zero championship.

Besides racing, the team is also active with giving presentations and demonstrations on many
events, such as the AutoRai 2009 and the SASBE2009. During this last event HRH Willem
Alexander of Orange, Crown Prince of Holland, has met the team and its vehicle.

Greenchoice, the only supplier of 100% sustainable energy in the Netherlands, says the project
contains the two necessary steps towards a sustainable world. “The willingness of people to
change without sacrificing comfort, and the technologies that enable a sustainable world. Both
aspects can be found in this project and we aim to showcase the possibilities of driving on
hydrogen” says Rob van Rees, executive director of Greenchoice. www.greenchoice.nl
Delft University of Technology. A fascination for science, design and engineering is the
common denominator driving the 13,000 bachelor and master students and the 5000 employees
of TU Delft. Delft University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the largest university of

technology of the Netherlands. www.tudelft.nl
Royal DSM N.V. creates innovative products and services in the field of Life Sciences and
Material Sciences that contribute to the quality of life. DSM’s products and services are used
worldwide in a wide variety of markets and applications that make life healthier, more sustainable
and pleasant. A key element is DSM’s corporate strategy is the development of innovative
products that contribute to the theme of climate change. The combination of this social theme and
the use of high-end materials makes for the Greenchoice Forze project of the TU Delft to fit
perfectly with DSM’s strategy of innovation and corporate social responsibility.
www.dsm.com, www.dyneema.com

July 21, 2009 - 8:10 PM
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