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European Lighthouse Project Testing 17 Fuel Cell Vehicles in Norway

The Norwegian government is working with the European Commission (EC) to test the potential for hydrogen vehicles in Scandinavia. The EC’s European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Program is arranging the delivery of 17 fuel-cell vehicles to drivers in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian phase of the program’s European Lighthouse Project will use $25 million to show the viability of fuel cell drive systems. These drivers will have access to a hydrogen refueling station created by Danish company H2 Logic.

The European Lighthouse Project will use a total of $1.26 billion by 2014 to coordinate hydrogen infrastructure in Scandinavia, Germany and Denmark. This element of the project is nicknamed H2moves Scandinavia and will feature research collaboration by regional universities. TUV SUD in Germany and SP Technical Research Institute will study the safety, performance and fueling speed of the demonstrator units in the project.

Test drivers in Oslo will be demonstrating ten Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELLs, two Alfa Romeo MiTo Fuel Cells and five electric cars equipped with fuel-cell systems by H2 Logic. The B-Class F-CELL achieves up to 71 miles per gallon equivalent with the help of a 100-kW electric motor. The MiTO Fuel Cell runs on a Nuvera fuel-cell system that can travel up to 280 miles without refueling. H2 Logic has developed an electric city car that will feature a fuel-cell range extender for commutes within Oslo.

H2 Logic is benefitting from funds offered by the EC and northern European countries interested in a regional infrastructure. The company has developed a hydrogen refueling station that will draw from regional hydrogen supplies produced by hydroelectric and wind power. The European Lighthouse Project has also commissioned a mobile fueling source from H2 Logic. This portable refueling unit will be used during a 2011 demonstration tour sponsored by the European Regions and Municipalities Partnership and Hydrogen Sweden.

This project is part of the EC’s efforts to create alt-fuel infrastructure that will reduce transportation emissions. H2moves Scandinavia is the inaugural element of the European Lighthouse Project, which means a great deal hinges on the success of this project. The focus on clean energy production along with alternative fuel vehicles is heartening for eco-conscious drivers. Mass adoption of hydrogen, electric and hybrid vehicles means little if we are still reliant on harmful means of creating energy.

July 24, 2010 - 4:41 PM