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Fuel Cell Prototype Vehicle Powered By Quallion Li Ion Battery on Display at California Trade Show


Southern California Based Quallion Showcases Lithium Ion Battery Technology that Improves Panda’s Safety and Performance

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Quallion LLC, the world leader in the development of customized Lithium Ion batteries, and Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA (Fiat Research Centre) will unveil the Fiat Panda Hybrid Fuel Cell/Battery powered vehicle today at The Battery Show, in San Jose, California.  Fiat partnered with Quallion to develop a Lithium Ion battery pack for the vehicle that maximizes the Panda’s energy storage and management capacity and improves the vehicle’s safety.  

This vehicle was developed in conjunction with the European HyTRAN and HySYS programs which bring industrial partners together for innovative new research.  The Panda Fuel Cell/Battery powered vehicle recently participated at the Challenge Bibendum 2010, an event on sustainable mobility held by Michelin in Rio de Janeiro (May 31- June 3, 2010).

The Panda Hybrid Fuel Cell/Battery powered vehicle showcases the following innovative technologies:

  • An innovative line cathode (air compressor) specially designed and produced by Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • The Lithium Ion battery pack, developed and manufactured by Quallion implementing its Matrix™ and HAM™ technologies
  • The new stack fuel cell design developed and manufactured by Nuvera


“Quallion is focused on delivering technologies that reduce vehicle emissions and improve vehicle energy management and safety,” says Quallion President, Paul Beach.  ”Working with Fiat on the Panda hybrid prototype Quallion has created a battery that will significantly impact future hybrid vehicle engineering.  Quallion’s Matrix™ and HAM™ technologies maximize the vehicle’s energy storage capacity while significantly increasing the vehicle’s safety.”

The Panda hybrid prototype is debuting Quallion’s new Lithium Ion battery pack, which employs proprietary Matrix™ and HAM™ technologies.  Quallion’s MATRIX™ technology increases a Lithium Ion battery’s reliability and long-term costs.  This proprietary and highly scaleable system is a high power model with a large current output capability that produces an ultra-safe performance.  MATRIX™ technology is utilized in numerous military vehicles as a main application for auxiliary power.  The technology is also employed as a starter battery for unmanned vehicles, HEV/PHEV and aircraft.  Quallion’s HAM™ technology (Heat Absorbent Material) provides structural strength and electrical insulation to battery operations.  HAM™ technology is currently used in a majority of Quallion’s Lithium Ion batteries.

Quallion currently produces high volume medical and military batteries as well as custom-designed aerospace batteries.  Cell designs range from the world’s smallest conventional lithium ion cell (a cylindrical 1.8 mAh cell) for medical implants to large 15 and 72 Ah prismatic cells.  Quallion also has extensive experience with the commercialization of its module type battery configurations using its proprietary MatrixTM technology that enable scalable battery designs that can be quickly and cost effectively reconfigured for use in a variety of vehicles from heavy duty trucks to passenger cars.  

About Quallion LLC

Quallion LLC was founded in 1998 by biotechnology and aerospace entrepreneur Alfred E. Mann and Lithium Ion battery specialist Dr. Hishashi Tsukamoto. The company designs, fabricates and manufactures state-of-the-art Lithium Ion cells and battery packs, and develops new battery chemistries for the military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries. Building on its legacy leadership position in the medical device industry, the company has developed a range of novel enabling technologies that include the world’s smallest implantable secondary battery and the proprietary Zero-Volt™ and SaFE-LYTE™ technologies. Leveraging its core engineering capabilities, Quallion has established itself as a leader in applications where advanced battery technology, safety, reliability and custom engineering are most valued. The company possesses more than 60 chemistry, cell and battery patents and has 90 pending patents. Company certifications include ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100B, and ISO 13485:2003 Visit www.quallion.com for more information.


Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. (CRF) was founded in 1976 as the Fiat Group’s major source of expertise in innovation, research and development. CRF’s objective is to use innovation as a strategic lever and to enhance the results of its work through the promotion, development and transfer of innovative content able to make products distinctive and competitive. It is able to play an active role in the technological growth of the Fiat Group, its partners and the community in areas such as powertrain, in collaboration with FPT Powertain Technologies, vehicles and components, safe and environmentally-friendly mobility, telematics, new materials and relative technologies, mechatronics and optics, energy.  CRF is particularly active in the field of research into sustainable mobility, adopting a systematic approach to investigate innovative solutions which address all aspects of sustainability in transport which include reducing emissions and noise pollution through innovations on the powertrain, but also increasing fuel efficiency by reducing vehicle weight, improving the aerodynamics, optimizing the different sub-systems, developing eco-compatible production processes, identifying ecological and recyclable materials, and using communications and info-mobility to help reduce traffic congestion. The aim is obtain vehicles safer, greener and more comfortable, where greener means ecological during the whole cycle of life. Visit www.crf.it for more information.


Nuvera Fuel Cells is a global leader in the development of fuel cell systems and fuel processors for both end users and OEMs.  With offices in the U.S. and Europe, Nuvera Fuel Cells provides clean, safe and efficient products for industrial vehicles and equipment in addition to furthering the development of power systems for automotive and transportation applications.  For more information, visit www.nuvera.com.

October 6, 2010 - 10:43 AM