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Harbin Institute of Technology Sun Kening research team successfully developed low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell


Harbin Institute of Technology Sun Kening research team successfully developed low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell batteries in a large area substrate preparation of the core technology breakthrough. Reporter September 17 from the school was informed that they have developed single battery power and power density reached the international advanced level, and the new battery can be used to open the natural gas as fuel, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect and air pollution. The current research group is to further improve product performance and life, lower costs, so as to realize industrialization.

The results achieved solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) in the low temperature, and its casting method used in sintering technology were the largest assembly of the current size of 100mm × 100mm in single cells, while above 1000 ℃ to previous generation Operating temperature down to 750 ℃, avoid the attenuation of the electrode lead to faster sintering, electrode and electrolyte interface reaction, the battery component does not match the thermal expansion properties, metal corrosion and other common connection problems. Recently new results have been organized by Heilongjiang Science and Technology identified.

Group members told reporters, SOFC is the fuel chemical energy directly into electrical energy electrochemical devices, known as fourth-generation fuel cells. Compared to the alkaline fuel cell, phosphate fuel cells, proton exchange membrane fuel cell before the three generations of fuel cells and conventional heat engine, SOFC has high energy conversion efficiency, fuel, wide applicability, low cost, energy conservation, pollution, etc., Battery integrated power generation efficiency of 50% or more, even for the thermal power of up to 80%. Prior research and development of SOFC operating temperature is usually about 1000 ℃, and so difficult to achieve high temperature operating commercial applications, reduce the temperature will decrease if the catalytic activity of electrode materials. Completely new achievement broke the bottleneck.

The reporters also learned that this new type of fuel cell can use natural gas as fuel, not only to take advantage of Heilongjiang Province, the deep rich natural gas resources, effectively alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand tension, but also reduce the power generation and automobile exhaust carbon, nitrogen and sulfur emissions, reduce greenhouse and air pollution. Especially by gasification SOFC fuel gas for the steam turbine and gas turbine combined power generation technology, integrated coal gasification, steam turbine, gas turbine power generation has the advantage of technology, making full use of carbon-based fuels, power generation, fuel efficient cell power generation technology, based on the continued development of hydrogen separation and CO2 capture and recycling technologies. Therefore, the results to improve China’s coal resources cities and change the coal industry chain is short, the status of low added value of great practical significance.

October 10, 2010 - 3:17 PM