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TMI Fuel Cell System Reaches 1,000 Hour Milestone on JP-8

Cleveland-based TMI (Technology Management, Inc.), Ohio’s oldest fuel cell systems developer, is proud to announce that on January 21, 2011 at 4:51AM (EST), TMI’s AnywherEnergy Fuel Cell system reached an operating milestone of 1,000 hours fueled exclusively with untreated JP-8, also known as military logistic fuel. The milestone system run was conducted at the Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Fuel Cell Development Lab located at in Akron, Ohio.

TMI is working closely with leading defense contractor Lockheed Martin on a high efficiency military genset for the battlefield or peacekeeping missions in remote areas. TMI is teamed with Lockheed Martin and Stark State College of Technology on two Ohio Third Frontier Programs. In addition, this team received a $1.7 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense in late September 2010.

“We are very proud of our system and our highly-skilled Ohio team of engineers including our valued partner, Lockheed Martin,” said Benson Lee, TMI’s President and CEO. “JP-8 contains sulfur and is highly corrosive to other fuel cell systems and to my knowledge this is the only known complete fuel cell system in the world to reach this milestone running on untreated military JP-8.”

TMI has focused on the design of a small-scale system since its earliest development nearly 20 years ago. The system design has specifically focused on a platform that could be easily manufactured by Ohio’s automotive and appliance manufacturers. Over the years, TMI has deployed multiple demonstrations that have set industry milestones including a 30-day, on-farm demonstration in 2009 funded by the Ohio Soybean Council utilizing raw soybean oil as the sole fuel source.

“Fuel cells have the potential to spearhead a huge new clean energy industry for both Ohio and the nation,” Lee said. “As TMI continues to reach critical milestones, and obtains the necessary funding and investments, we could be commercialized in military and residential market within 3 years.”

In late 2010, TMI finalized terms of a loan of $2.5 million from the State of Ohio Advanced Energy Program to support commercialization of TMI’s compact fuel cell system into kilowatt-scale markets, to include military, farm, home-based and remote distributed power applications. In addition, TMI was awarded and signed a $481,000 contract with the U.S. Department of Energy for a project entitled “Distributed Electric Power from Bio-based and Fossil Fuels”.

TMI’s system provides primary power as an option for end users who want or need 24/7 energy availability. This option can be in parallel with or independent from the utility grid. TMI’s modular 1- kW system provides the advantages of being sited almost anywhere, including indoors where surplus heat can be used for cogeneration (e.g., heating and cooling).

January 28, 2011 - 3:03 PM