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HyET, Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies BV, achieves electro-chemical compression of hydrogen up to a pressure of 800 Bar

Compressor without moving parts reaches 800 Bar

Invention leads to lower cost hydrogen filling stations

HyET, Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies BV, is the first in the world to have achieved electro-chemical compression of hydrogen up to a pressure of 800 Bar. The novel compressor has two unique features: the device contains no moving parts and it is capable of compressing hydrogen from atmospheric pressure to 800 Bar in one single stage. These benefits enable lower capital- and operational costs compared to existing mechanical hydrogen compression technologies. By lowering the cost and footprint required for hydrogen compression, HyET aims to bring forward the large scale implementation of hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

For the first time it is experimentally proven that hydrogen can be electrochemically compressed to 800 Bar. “800 Bar single stage compression was a very important barrier for us” explains Sander ten Hoopen (Head of System Design): “first of all because of the apparent technological challenge, but most importantly because this is above the filling pressure of the next generation Fuel Cell Vehicles. This technological breakthrough enables us to develop highly efficient and robust hydrogen compressors needed in the filling stations for these cars.”

With this result, which has taken nearly three years of research and development to achieve, HyET improved on its own world record. “We now know for sure that we have suitable materials and design concepts” says Wiebrand Kout (Head of Process Design): “But we still have to take this technology from the lab to the commercial market. We know that we can’t do this alone, that is why we are cooperating with leading car manufacturers, research institutes and filling station suppliers. We expect to be able to intensify these cooperations in the near future.”

About HyET

HyET is a privately funded company situated in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where a rapidly expanding team of people has been developing innovative compressor technology since 2009. The inherent advantage of the patented electrochemical compressor is that it contains no moving components and therefore avoids issues around friction and wear. This enables an energy consumption up to three times lower compared to existing compressors. HyET is the only manufacturer in the world capable of realizing a pressure of 800 Bar with an electrochemical compressor. Commercial applications are anticipated in the hydrogen-related industry and in hydrogen filling stations.

August 23, 2011 - 1:00 PM