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Tata Unveils Tata Starbus Fuel Cell (hydrogen) Vehicle at Auto Expo 2012

New Delhi–Tata Motors today unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2012 the Tata Safari Storme; the new generation Safari SUV, the Tata Ultra; the company’s new LCV and ICV range, and the Tata LPT 3723, India’s first 5-axle rigid truck. They will be commercially launched in the next financial year.

The company also showcased its alternate fuel technology capability by displaying four concepts — the Tata Nano CNG, the Tata Indigo Manza diesel-electric hybrid car, the Tata Starbus Fuel Cell (hydrogen) and the Tata Magic Iris CNG. The Tata Motors portfolio already includes a full electric vehicle, the Tata Indica Vista Electric Vehicle, and CNG-electric hybrid buses.

Speaking on the occasion, PM Telang, managing director, India operations, said, “With the Safari Storme, the iconic Safari becomes a contemporary SUV suited to the desires of today’s SUV lovers. The Ultra range and the LPT 3723 will create new segments and generate higher incomes for their owners. As importantly, we are displaying our progress with alternate fuel technologies towards a more comprehensive portfolio for the future.”

The Tata Starbus Fuel Cell concept is another path-breaking Tata Motors initiative on alternate fuels. It has been developed with support from the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.

In fuel cell technology, hydrogen is stored in compressed form. It combines with oxygen to generate electricity which in turn charges a battery to power the vehicle’s motor, emitting only water vapour. This mechanism involves a fuel cell with gross peak power of 114HP, coupled with a motor with the peak power output of 250HP with motor speed from 600rpm to 2,100rpm and torque of 1,050Nm at 800rpm. The maximum speed of the bus is 70kmph and gradeability is 17 per cent, which is very suitable for city application.

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Acta S.p.A. Signs letter of intent with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Acta S.p.A. (AIM: ACTA), the clean energy products company, is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent (the Letter of Intent) with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd (Horizon) for the evaluation, development and production of electrolyser systems incorporating Actas award-winning hydrogen generating technology.

Under the terms of the commercial agreement (Agreement) covered by the Letter of Intent, Acta has sold an EL100 electrolyser to Horizon for evaluation purposes and will support Horizons evaluation procedures through the sale of additional AES100 electrolyser stacks and other components.  These include the development of a smaller, low pressure, low cost hydrogen generator for portable fuel cell applications, which was recently completed by Acta.

Horizon is based in Singapore with commercial distribution in over 40 countries worldwide.  Subject to the successful completion of the evaluation stage, expected in the first quarter of 2012, Horizon intends to incorporate Actas hydrogen generator stacks into its own electrolyser equipment for sale to its commercial fuel cell markets.  While the Agreement does not include minimum purchase volumes, Horizon has sold hundreds of thousands of consumer fuel cell products over the past five years, the majority of which are sold together with a small electrolyser device for refuelling the fuel cell.

Horizon has been producing and selling commercial fuel cell units since 2005, and is now the worlds largest fuel cell producer by volume of products.  The companys original product lines included science and educational fuel cell kits, small demonstrators, and fuel cell products for the toy and hobby markets.  Horizon has since developed into a major commercial fuel cell system producer, selling fuel cell systems with power capacities ranging from 10W up to 30kW for the portable, stationary and automotive markets, including fuel cell back-up power systems for the telecommunications market.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive Officer of Acta, said:

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Horizon and this exciting opportunity represents the perfect channel for Acta to address the high volume market for small hydrogen generators for consumer fuel cell products.  No other system on the market offers pure, pressurised hydrogen at a cost that is comparable with ours.  Horizon is a world leader in the fuel cell market and as a result, the partnership will also increase Acta’s reach into the back-up power systems market, where we see significant growth opportunities in the coming years.”

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