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UTC Power Lands at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center’s Mount Sinai Campus

Source: CBIA.com via Green Business Center

Source: CBIA.com via Green Business Center

By Adam Ney

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, located in Hartford, CT received a PureCell Model 400 system to provide clean, reliable on-site power at its Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital campus on Blue Hills Avenue in Hartford Friday morning. The fuel cell from UTC Power, a United Technologies Corp. will provide 400 kW of clean, reliable power to Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, serving nearly half of the building’s electrical needs.  Additionally, thermal energy from the fuel cell will be harnessed to serve the hospital’s heating loads.  Fuel cells are one of the cleanest and quietest energy-generation sources available in the world and meet the strictest U.S. emissions standards.

By generating power on-site at the Mount Sinai campus with a PureCell Model 400, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center will prevent the release of more than 383 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of planting more than 88 acres of trees. The reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to a conventional power plant are equal to the environmental benefit of removing 84 cars from the road. In addition to the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, this PureCell System will allow Mount Sinai Hospital to save over 3.5 million gallons of water annually, enough water to fill nearly 5 ½ Olympic swimming pools. This is because unlike central generation and other fuel cell technologies, the PureCell System is designed to operate in water balance so there is no consumption or discharge of water during its operation.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has been a pioneer in the successful incorporation of fuel cells. This will be Saint Francis’ second Model 400.  The first recently landed at Saint Francis’ main campus on Woodland Street in Hartford, which replaces their previous generation PureCell Model 200 system.

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Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hamburg: The world’s first car dealership with a fuel cell for power supply

by Philipp Deppe

For Daimler AG is the development of environmentally friendly driving is not just lip service. The carmaker is paving the way to the promising market for everyday use vehicles with zero emissions.

Mercedes Benz Niederlassung Hamburg heizt  sauber: Weltweit erstes Autohaus mit Brennstoffzelle zur Energieversorgung

The Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hamburg, has passed in its offensive delivery locally emission-free vehicles of the type B-Class F-Cell fuel cell-powered others already in the city, the Chamber of Commerce and numerous sustainable trading company in Hamburg. Now she goes with her pioneering spirit the next step. With the complete renovation of the office to get the clean energy supply at the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm catchment.

Mercedes Benz Niederlassung Hamburg heizt  sauber: Weltweit erstes Autohaus mit Brennstoffzelle zur Energieversorgung

As the world’s first car dealership, the Center Wandsbek the Mercedes-Benz  Hamburg branch will in future be supplied by a fuel cell. Electricity and heat – all the energy – can be produced on site

The innovative technology will reduce energy consumption and massively reduce CO2 emissions by up to 300 tonnes, or nearly 60% per year. This corresponds to the average annual CO2 production of nearly 30 cities.

The stationary fuel cell will operate differently than in mobile technologies in that it does not work with hydrogen but with natural gas. The process produces 100 kilowatts of electricity and 120 kilowatts of heat, which is enough to power an entire office.

The headquarters of Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hamburg, is currently being renovated and upgraded. Increasing the attractiveness for the customers is just as important as environmental friendliness. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hamburg invests solely in the conversion to energy using fuel cells around one million euros. The costs will have paid for itself within six to seven years. The system is not only ecologically but also economically efficient. The fuel cell will be installed in July. In August, the opening of Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz, the modernized conversion at the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm.

Mercedes-Benz invested around 35 million € in the comprehensive modernization of the Hamburg branch. About two-thirds are estimated for the Center Wandsbek. One-third goes into the center Niendorf.

Source: Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hamburg

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