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BOC launches new fuel-cell powered products for low-wattage, extended run monitoring


Industrial gases and engineering business BOC has launched the Hymera DC, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell system capable of delivering 150W of DC power in off-grid and remote locations.

The new system from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is ideal for powering a wide range of applications, particularly monitoring. The Hymera DC incorporates an automatic battery charger, so that power can be maintained in locations where changing batteries is not practicable. In many applications it is a silent, cheaper and much cleaner alternative to diesel and petrol generators.

Morgan Sindall, a leading UK construction and regeneration group, has been using the Hymera DC on its Pudding Mill Lane contract for the London Crossrail project. It was recently recognised in the Innovation category of Crossrail’s Green Line Environmental awards.

Casey Fleming, Morgan Sindall’s environmental manager said: “The Hymera hydrogen fuel cell’s innovative qualities helped us solve a difficult project conundrum. The cell has now successfully powered a remote noise monitor for eight weeks, the location of which was proving difficult to supply with conventional power. We needed it to operate silently, which was impossible with traditional power generators.”

When used in conjunction with BOC’s 54ZH portable hydrogen fuel cylinder, the Hymera DC can provide 2-3 kWh of electrical energy. Depending on conditions, this is equivalent to around 75kg of lead-acid batteries.

The 54ZH is a user-friendly integrated ‘energy source’ which removes the need for pressure regulators and uses easy hand-operated connections. A single cylinder will keep a 3W average load powered for almost one month, or a 20W security camera powered for approximately five days.

For loads up to 50W, it has a substantially lower cost of ownership compared to diesel or petrol generators. With recent developments in lighting, computing and display technology, 50W goes a long way. For instance, 50W could light a small house with the latest generation DC LED technology.

The Hymera DC is also ideal for providing power in hard-to-reach places. Advanced Monitoring, a CCTV and access control security group with offices in Limerick and Dublin, has been using the Hymera DC to provide discreet and zero-emissions power for its security cameras since May 2011. Previously, the group had to change the batteries on their CCTV solutions every four to five days.

“You can imagine how disruptive that can be to a covert operation,” said Tom Ryan, Business Development Manager at Advanced Monitoring. “Using the BOC Hymera DC, our CCTV solutions can operate for around three weeks without interruption. Because it is silent and doesn’t require changing, no one is alerted to the presence of a camera.”

“This is a product that will make a big impact, not only in the security industry but for any application that requires an unobtrusive, long-lasting and energy efficient power source.”

“The type of capability the Hymera DC offers is increasingly crucial in the portable power market,” said Stewart Dow, Packaged Energy Manager at BOC. “Businesses sometimes believe that cutting costs and carbon emissions are two conflicting goals, but with the family of Hymera products, this needn’t to be the case. With its high performance and low cost, the Hymera DC is now opening up a whole new range of exciting applications and opportunities.”

Product specifications:

  • The Hymera DC is clean, silent and highly portable.
  • It has minimal service requirements.
  • It is ideally suited to today’s high-efficiency electrical applications such as LED lights.
  • It is well suited to low power, long duration loads such as remote monitoring, control and surveillance.
  • For loads of up to 50W, it has a lower cost of ownership than comparable diesel or petrol generators.
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ClearEdge Power Receives CSA Certification, Meets Demanding Industry FC-1 Standards

CSA listing certification further validates performance, safety and reliability of ClearEdge Power systems

ClearEdge Power, a manufacturer of scalable, continuous onsite power systems, today announced that its outdoor ClearEdge5 system has received CSA certification and listing to ANSI/CSA Americas FC-1. The CSA certification mark assures major retailers, distributors, regulators and consumers that the ClearEdge5 underwent rigorous testing to meet the U.S. and Canadian industry standards for safety and performance.

“The globally recognized CSA certification mark is another validation of the performance, safety and reliability of our products,” said Mike Upp, vice president of marketing at ClearEdge Power. “ClearEdge Power is focused on driving broad market acceptance of stationary fuel cells and this certification is another important milestone in the process.”

To obtain CSA certification, ClearEdge Power worked closely with CSA International, a leading global testing, inspection and certification organization and was evaluated by a formal process involving examination, testing and follow-up examination to obtain the valued certification and listing. Additionally, the ClearEdge5 will now be listed on CSA International’s webpage along with other CSA listed products, and is now entitled to bear the CSA Blue Star and the CSA mark.

The CSA certification builds on ClearEdge Power’s forward momentum seen in the past year. Recent highlights include a record-setting agreement with Güssing Renewable Energy and the expansion of ClearEdge Power’s portfolio of continuous onsite power systems, including industry-first innovations in areas such as reliability, scalability and flexibility. In addition, ClearEdge Power has continued to see strong customer adoption in a variety of industries, including multi-tenant housing, hospitality, education, utility, public sector and residential.

About ClearEdge Power

ClearEdge Power provides distributed energy generation solutions to commercial, institutional and residential customers. The company designs, manufactures and sells a family of continuous onsite power systems that uses fuel cell technology to efficiently deliver predictable, clean and cost-effective power and heat. This enables customers to increase independence from the electricity grid, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fuel Cells cells help power Century City skyscraper

Bloom servers, made by Bloom Energy of Sunnyvale, Calif., at Constellation Place in Century City.

Bloom servers, made by Bloom Energy of Sunnyvale, Calif., at Constellation Place in Century City. (JMB Realty)

By Roger Vincent-L.A. Times
Century City skyscraper Constellation Place, formerly known as MGM Tower, is the first Los Angeles high-rise to be served by electricity-generating fuel cells.

Landlord JMB Realty installed two Bloom Energy Servers that will produce 400 kilowatts of power, about one-third of the electricity needed by the 35-story tower.

Bloom servers, made by Bloom Energy of Sunnyvale, Calif., are each big enough to occupy an average parking space and contain thousands of Bloom fuel cells – flat, solid ceramic squares made from a sand-like powder – that convert air and fuel into electricity through an electrochemical process.

The fuel cells reduce the nearly 800,000-square-foot building’s emissions from power generation by 30%, JMB said.

“These servers, combined with the existing photovoltaic system, enable JMB to offer its tenants a greener office environment while generating significant savings,” Sarah Shaw of JMB said.

JMB has about 2 acres of solar power arrays in Century City on the roofs of two parking structures it owns. The photovoltaic systems were installed in 2008 and 2010.

Tenants in Constellation Place include talent agency International Creative Management Inc., airliner lessor International Lease Finance Corp. and investment bank Houlihan Lokey.

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