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Watt Fuel Cell Corp. Raises $2.9 Million in VC

Port Washington, N.Y. — WATT Fuel Cell, a developer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems, has raised $2.9 million in venture capital, while planning to eventually raise a total of $8 million in the deal.

WATT Fuel Cell recently commenced operations and is building a pilot production line and has recently set up the fuel cell processing equipment and operations within the Port Washington facility. The location also offers expansion capabilities to fill the entire building of 33,000 square feet, according to the company.

The company says its SOFC systems will operate on many readily available hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas, propane, JP-8, diesel, and various renewable fuels, providing energy for a range of applications in the portable power and distributed-generation energy markets.

Last year, WATT signed an agreement granting it an exclusive worldwide license to fuel cell technology intellectual property developed at NanoDynamics Energy. As part of the agreement, WATT Fuel Cell has established a joint venture with Solar Acquisitions Corp. to form Evolution Fuel Cell Inc., an entity licensed to develop the IP for applications up to 500 watts.

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Daimler to host debate on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

Technology, EU Parliament, 28 February 2012

Start Date: 28 February, 2012 End Date: 28 February, 2012
Location: European Parliament, 60 Rue Wiertz, Brussels 1047
Daimler will host an informative debate  on the Future of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Commercialisation on 28 February 2012 at the European Parliament.  The debate will be chaired  by Professor Vladko Panayotov MEP with guest speaker Dr Jorg Wind, Strategic Energys Project and Market Development , Daimler AG.

The debate will be moderated by Ian Williamson, president of the European Hydrogen Association (EHA).

The event will take place in the Members Salon from 12.30-2.30pm

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Fuel Cell Technologies Program Fellowship Opportunities Available

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is seeking applicants for a Fellowship Program in multiple areas within EERE, including the Fuel Cell Technologies Program. The Fellowships offer recent Ph.D. recipients the opportunity to conduct applied research at universities, national laboratories, and other research facilities. Research fellowships will be awarded to qualified applicants to work on collaborative applied research topics of mutual interest to the applicant, the host facility, and the sponsoring EERE Program. The EERE Fellowship Program aims to create the next generation of scientific leaders in energy efficiency and renewable energy by attracting creative scientists and engineers to pursue breakthrough technologies in a highly prestigious postdoctoral research program.

One position is available in the Fuel Cell Technologies Program in the area of Systems Analysis. Application forms are now available and are due May 1, 2012. Applicants must have U.S. citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status by September 30, 2012.

Get more information and apply.

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