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Japan’s Fuji Electric to Sell Fuel Cells in Europe

TOKYO (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) — Japan’s Fuji Electric Co. (TSE:6504) has acquired the international credentials for selling industrial fuel cells in Europe and plans to begin marketing the devices abroad.

The company has already received a 100 million yen (US$1.29 million) order from German automaker Daimler AG for a 100kw fuel cell to be delivered to a Hamburg dealership this summer. The order was obtained with a partnering German fuel cell system vendor.

Industrial fuel cells are used to generate electricity in factories and office buildings. Fuji Electric is the sole producer of these devices in Japan, primarily making models that crank out less than 100kw. It currently ships around 10 a year to domestic plants and schools, but has no experience selling them overseas.

Demand for fuel cells is high in Europe because of their low environmental impact. European firms are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but there are few fuel cell manufacturers there.

Fuji Electric is targeting fuel cell sales of 1 billion yen in Europe in two years. For now, it will assemble the products in Japan, but it aims to increase foreign parts procurement and eventually begin making them abroad.

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ElectroSelf guarantees power to a high-speed Green Internet system based on renewables


The World’s only self-recharging fuel cell system manages energy mismatch with
lower costs and higher performances than batteries and legacy solutions
The World’s only self-recharging fuel cell system manages energy mismatch with lower costs and higher performances than batteries and legacy solutions

Electro Power Systems SpA (ElectroPS), recently selected by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2012, has deployed its ElectroSelf self-recharging, logistics-free backup power solution within an Agile Energy System based on solar and wind. The system guarantees 24/7 power and will be used to fed a Wi-Max antenna that brings Broadband Internet to a rural area where, up until now, network connections were difficult and high-speed connectivity near impossible.

The Agile Energy System has been entirely designed and built by ElectroPS and is deployed in Cellarengo Italy, within the famous Monferrato wine region. It provides 100% clean energy to a Wi-Max antenna that delivers high-speed connectivity to an area that spans 40km, and is located within the innovative “Casa Rossa,” a traditional country villa that has been transformed into a cultural center focused on wine education, culinary arts and other activities leveraging the culture and tradition of the region.

Consisting of a photovoltaic system and a mini-windmill, the Green Energy System is based on the ElectroSelf fuel cell power system, an enabling technology for Distributed Energy that significantly increases the value of small-scale renewables infrastructures by minimizing the mismatch in energy production and consumption. It does this by efficiently storing energy from the grid or when renewables are plentiful, and instantaneously releasing energy whenever renewables are weak or absent. As such, the system is able to guarantee a steady power supply to the antenna, ensuring always-on connectivity.

“ElectroSelf completely eliminates the need for fuel logistics, delivers overall lower costs than batteries or other legacy technologies and delivers operating and optimization benefits including full remote management and product lifecycle of up to 20 years,” explains Adriano Marconetto, founder and CEO of Electro Power Systems. “It is therefore the only solution able to guarantee constant power within Agile Energy System while saving both time and money.”

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Buses to work with hydrogen in Azerbaijan

Baku. Ali Ahmadov – APA-ECONOMICS. Ecology department of SOCAR in tandem with the experts of the German Institute for Economic Research is working on operation of buses with hydrogen.

The specialists of the ecology department have already been sent to Germany in order to study the experience of this country on establishment of transport infrastructure, held number of discussions and got acquainted with working principles of the hydrogen transport.

“At present, work is underway with the German Institute for Economic Research on economic estimation of this proposal, selection of technical equipments on coordination of bus engines with hydrogen and marketing”, told the SOCAR

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An Aberdeen politician has called on Scottish Enterprise to help fund hydrogen buses for the city.

Aberdeen Central’s Kevin Stewart wants Scottish Enterprise to boost funds for eco-friendly public transport.

Aberdeen green bus fleet needs cash support, says MSPRevolution: Green buses could radically change city transport system Pic: © STV

An Aberdeen politician has called on Scottish Enterprise to help fund hydrogen buses for the city.

Kevin Stewart MSP wants the business quango to top up funding already in place from Aberdeen City Council.

The eco-friendly vehicles use hydrogen fuel cell technology that emits only water vapour, helping to improve air quality.

Mr Stewart, who represents Aberdeen Central, said: “I have written to Scottish Enterprise to ask them to reconsider funding this green project.

“We have already received support from the EU but domestic funding would allow for a better, bigger project and develop a green bus system that can revolutionise the way we do transport.

“Hydrogen buses will see Aberdeen leading the country in renewable green transport. I am disappointed that Scottish Enterprise has as yet been unwilling to commit to the project. Hydrogen buses can be the driving force of a new green transport in the city.

“Renewable technology is the future and Scottish Enterprise should join AREG and Aberdeen City Council in securing a brighter, greener future.”

In his letter to Maggie McGinlay, Scottish Enterprise’s Aberdeen City & Shire Director, Mr Stewart said: “I understand that Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) in conjunction with Aberdeen City Council are developing a project, phase 1 of which seeks to put up to 12 hydrogen fuel cell buses on routes in central Aberdeen and create a hydrogen refuelling station in the city.

“Phase 2 is being taken forward by Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), and involves the creation of renewable hydrogen infrastructure, via deployment of a new hydrogen generation and energy storage system.

“I am extremely pleased that this project has attracted European funding. However, I understand that Scottish Enterprise has been asked to contribute to this project and has refused to commit any resources to this project. I am unhappy about this situation and believe that Scottish Enterprise should be helping to develop this key project, which could put Aberdeen at the forefront of hydrogen technology in these islands.

“I hope that you will investigate this situation and will be able to commit Scottish Enterprise resources to this worthwhile project.”

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