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Viessmann acquires 50% stake in residential fuel cell manufacturer Hexis AG

The Viessmann Group has acquired  a 50% share of the Swiss firm Hexis AG acquired.

By acquiring Hexis, Viessmann has succeeded in finding a proven micro-CHP partner partner.

Hexis’s fuel cell technology (SOFC) and its corresponding system are comparatively low in complexity, and in the long term have the potential for high electrical efficiency and low production costs . Together with Hexis , Viessmann now wants to use this system to enter the residential fuel cell market.

It has been tested extensively in the German Callux project, and will be tested further in the upcoming European ene.field trial.

Residential fuel cells can replace or supplement conventional boilers and are a natural fit  for Viessmann. Its interest in the technology is not limited to SOFC; it has also recently entered a partnership with Panasonic to investigate low-temperature PEMFC solutions.

The Viessmann Group has a 50% share of the
Swiss Hexis AG acquired.
By acquiring Hexis has succeeded Viessmann, a partner
to find that in Europe as a proven specialist for micro-CHP
Systems based on high-temperature fuel cell (SOFC) holds.
The SOFC and the corresponding system are comparatively
low complexity, and thus the potential to high electrical
Efficiency and low production costs in the long term to achieve.
Together with Hexis Viessmann now wants to use this system for
Applications bring the housing stock to the market.
Hexis has to be developed in recent years, micro combined
Heat and power system (CHP) for the domestic energy supply to
SOFC based in more than one hundred units in field tests
tested and optimized – predominantly in Callux program.
Only few days ago, Viessmann its cooperation with
Panasonic known in the field of PEM fuel cells
given. This fuel cell is because of their specific
Particularly for residential properties with low
Heat demand suitable.
With both technologies, the low-temperature fuel cell of
Panasonic and the high temperature fuel cell by Hexis, and
sees its own experience in fuel cell development
Viessmann for stationary power and
Heat supply, from the future, a strong impetus to
October 16, 2012 - 10:27 AM