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Energy Storage & Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Funding Opportunities Released by the California Energy Commission

By | News, USA | No Comments January 18, 2020

Hydrogen Infrastructure Progress Report Also Released

In the last weeks of December, the California Energy Commission released two grant funding opportunities (GFOs) and one report that are important in the rollout of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and fuel cell electric passenger cars, and potentially key to the stimulus of renewable hydrogen production in California.

France: Lhyfe Raises 8 Million Euros to Build Green Hydrogen Production site in Vendée

By | News | No Comments January 17, 2020

Lhyfe, a pure player in green hydrogen created in 2017, has a lot of news. At the start of 2020, the company unveils its unique solution for the production of green hydrogen and announces a fundraising of 8 million euros from public and private actors as well as the establishment of its first industrial site the 1 st half of this year in the Vendee. Lhyfe offers an original energy model, oriented environmental benefit with a mission: to offer a more breathable future to our children.

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