$5 Million to Accelerate Territory’s Hydrogen Industry

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Fuel Cells Works, $5 Million to Accelerate Territory’s Hydrogen Industry

The Territory Labor Government is investing $5 million over four years to accelerate and expand the Territory’s hydrogen industry.

Government released the Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan last year, which outlines plans to position the Territory as a global leader in transitioning to renewable energy.

The key areas the investment will deliver on are:

  • Establishing fit-for purpose standards and regulations for the production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen
  • Ensuring local workforce skills and capabilities are ready to enable Territorians to fill jobs within the emerging hydrogen industry
  • Territory-wide planning for hydrogen to optimise land use and enable efficient and timely infrastructure development
  • Coordination of renewable hydrogen industry development with renewable energy resource assessments and strategic water planning
  • Ensuring renewable hydrogen industry planning is integrated with the transport and logistics sector
  • Engaging with Territorians to build community understanding of the emerging hydrogen opportunities; and
  • Assessment of early commercial applications and economic fuel-switching opportunities to ensure hydrogen is available when and where it is needed

In the Territory, publicly announced projects such as Aqua Aerem’s $15 billion Desert Bloom project in Tennant Creek and Global Energy Ventures on the Tiwi Islands, are targeting first export shipments from 2026.

These investments are providing the impetus for the Territory to act quickly, to ensure industry enablers are established.

Global interest is high, with renewable hydrogen recognised as a part of the solution to addressing global warming and carbon emissions concerns, which are front of mind for Territorians and the international community alike.

Ensuring the availability of competitively priced renewable hydrogen in the Territory will also enable local business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Quotes from Chief Minister Natasha Fyles:

“The Territory Labor Government is accelerating the development of a renewable hydrogen industry.

“This innovative industry brings significant opportunities for the Territory – creating jobs and new avenues for business and for our economy.

“We are hunting every opportunity to accelerate the development of the renewable hydrogen industry and making sure the Territory is ready and poised as a competitive investment destination.”

Quotes from Minister for Renewables and Energy, Selena Uibo:

“Our Government is developing a green hydrogen industry because it is a clean, sustainable and secure source of renewable energy that will benefit all Territorians.

“A hydrogen industry in the Northern Territory will contribute significantly towards our 50 percent renewable energy target by 2030.

“It is a critical step towards achieving the economic target of a $40 billion economy by 2030, and will be instrumental in achieving a net zero emissions economy by 2050.”


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