8 new hydrogen stations in Sweden by 2020
8 new hydrogen stations in Sweden by 2020
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 10, 2018
  • In Sweden, a partnership has developed the Nordic Hydrogen Corridor project, which will establish 8 new hydrogen stations by 2020. A selection process from our 32 interested cities and municipalities is the first step in the process.

The Nordic Hydrogen Corridor project is funded within the Connecting Europe Facility Fund. In addition to the stations, there is co-financing for 100 hydrogen cars and a central electrolysis production plant. There are four open stations in Sweden today, and two new ones in Umeå and Stockholm. With the new stations, our neighboring country will have a network of 14 hydrogen stations by 2020, which is very positive for Scandinavian development and for Norwegian hydrogen carriers who want to vacation in our neighboring countries and will need to fill hydrogen.

Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership 
The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum has collaborated closely with our Scandinavian sister organizations for many years, and in connection with a strong commitment to infrastructure and increased access to cars, the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) is now revitalized. Read more at www.scandinavianhydrogen.org . Work is being done to strengthen the relationships of car manufacturers by coordinating the common demand for a larger number of hydrogen vehicles, and this work will take place in spring 2018. The work includes the inclusion of heavier vehicles, utility vehicles and trucks. There will be between 35 and 50 hydrogen stations in Scandinavia in the coming years according to the plans, including three new stations in Iceland. 

NOK 187 million from the EU and Swedish financiers to the new stations 
It is Sweco, a project coordinator in the Nordic Hydrogen Corridor, and other partners are Hydrogen Sweden, AGA, Hyundai and Toyota. The project has a budget of 187 million SEK and is part-financed by the EU fund for a "interconnected Europe", or the Connecting Europe Facility. Our neighboring country thus gets a very big boost and will finally get on the hydrogen map. 

Bjørn Aronsson, Vätgas Sweden, Bjørg Gregert Halvorsen and Ulrik Torp Svendsen, from NEL in Norway and Denmark. NEL has an active role in SHHP cooperation.

"The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum will congratulate our Swedish friends on the good development and look forward to working together in a strengthened Nordic hydrogen initiative. Norway has been well ahead of Sweden all the time, but at the same time we 

must now really strengthen our commitment  Norway and continue to develop our leadership position - and create a coherent and robust hydrogen substation network also in Norway, "says Secretary General Kristian E. Vik in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum. "We have expectations that Venster's accession to government will put pressure on and create good conditions with Enova's increased commitment," he concluded. 

Kristian E. Vik from NHF and Dagl.leder Tejs Laustsen Jensen and Josefine Jørgensen in our Danish sister organization Brintbranchen. 

Denmark is world leader with 11 stations and highest station density per capita, with the shortest distance in urban areas.

Photo: Jon Eriksen (top) and Steinar Aasen, The Knowledge City.

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