Adelan Drives Hydrogen Demand in the Midlands With Toyota Mirai

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Adelan drives hydrogen demand in the Midlands with Toyota Mirai

With Birmingham’s clean air zone (CAZ) live today, Adelan zero-emission fuel cell vehicles offer the opportunity to go one step further and scrub the air cleaner as they drive

With Birmingham’s clean air zone launching today, the UK’s leading fuel cell company has launched a new lease programme for ultra-clean zero-emission hydrogen vehicles. Birmingham-based Adelan, the UK’s oldest fuel cell firm, has forged a partnership with Green Tomato Cars and Toyota to offer a reliable alternative to battery electric vehicles that still meet all the requirements of the city’s new Clean Air Zone. Using hydrogen, fuel cell technology releases just water from the tailpipe and meets even the most stringent air quality standards. For those looking to contribute to a cleaner future, avoid clean air zone charges and eliminate the worrying range issues associated with battery vehicles, with 25 Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles available to lease Adelan offers the perfect solution.

Adelan drives hydrogen demand in the Midlands with Toyota Mirai 2Adelan’s zero-emission vehicle offer comes as Birmingham unveils another UK hydrogen refuelling station, 15 years after Adelan co-Founder Kevin Kendall opened the first hydrogen station in Britain. Now open at the Tyseley Energy Park in the southeast of the city, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the Toyota Mirai are easily refuelled in just a few minutes for extended range operations of up to 400 miles on a full tank.

As a fuel cell technology pioneer, Adelan has been at the forefront of the hydrogen industry for decades. Dr Kevin Kendall, Chief Technology Officer at the firm and co-inventor of the company’s unique microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (mSOFC) technology helped open the city’s first hydrogen refuelling station at Birmingham University way back in 2008, for instance. Now, with both fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuel readily available, the promise of zero-emission vehicles is very much a reality for Birmingham.

Indeed, alongside the excellent range between top-ups and zero emissions, fuel cell vehicles actually, clean the air. Because fuel cells rely on ultra-clean air, the vehicle air intake filters out the smallest and most dangerous particles found in the exhaust of conventional vehicles.

The cleaner choice for transport also means safer air for Birmingham residents and workers. “Birmingham currently has unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide, and we know this has a detrimental effect on the health and life expectancy of our citizens. The Clean Air Zone is a significant first step in tackling this issue,” said Birmingham City Council’s Head of the Clean Air Zone, Stephen Arnold.

Leading the UK in next-generation transport and portable energy systems with its groundbreaking technology, in launching its new vehicle leasing programme Adelan is not only driving the industry but is now helping Birmingham steer a path to a cleaner future by aggregating hydrogen demand.

“Leasing these fuel cell vehicles from Adelan will allow drivers to make a real contribution to improving air quality in Birmingham and beyond. We’re very pleased to work with our clean vehicle partners at Green Tomato Cars and Toyota to demonstrate the real-world capabilities of fuel cell technology and hydrogen as we move towards a cleaner future. Transport is a key contributor to poor urban air quality and the known health risks that result. It’s therefore vital that the sector responds with a technology that can not only address pressing environmental concerns but can do that whilst remaining cost-effective. By making the choice of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles affordable and easily available, Adelan and Toyota are doing just that,” explains Dr Michaela Kendall, CEO of Adelan.

To discover exactly how Adelan can support your clean transport needs or deploy their clean, quiet and reliable energy system for remote, mobile or any other applications, please contact Dr Kendall and the rest of the Adelan team at:

About Adelan
First founded in The Midlands, Birmingham-based Adelan pioneered microtubular solid oxide fuel cell (mSOFC) technology more than 30 years’ ago. Adelan’s patented and scalable technology gives the fuel cell unprecedented flexibility, allowing the system to run cleanly on a range of commonly available fuels such as LPG, natural gas or propane/butane mix as well as hydrogen. As a result, Adelan fuel cells offer considerable additional operational flexibility and ease of use benefits whilst retaining a small, compact and lightweight footprint.


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