Agreement Signed for Hydrogen Refueling of Trains

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Fuel Cell Systems Ltd (FCSL) is pleased to announce a three-way partnership agreement with Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions Ltd. (“Vanguard”) and TP Group (TPG) to deliver hydrogen fuelling solutions in the rail industry.

The three-year non-exclusive agreement will explore opportunities for a range of services including on-site hydrogen generation, storage and dispensing, with fuel cell integration into rail rolling stock such as the HydroFLEX train – a project for which FCSL provided the hydrogen dispensing product, HyQube.

Vanguard is a spin-out from Birmingham University and has worked extensively on the development and integration of the HydroFLEX train. TPG is a global leader in consulting, digital solutions and engineering services across defence, space and energy programmes.

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The collaboration brings together three companies with a breadth of experience who will take forward a highly innovative collaboration to develop hydrogen infrastructure.  This supporting infrastructure will be critical to the deployment of hydrogen as an important energy source to decarbonise the transport sector.

The initial focus is on the development of a portable, modular refuelling solution for the rail sector.

By partnering in this manner, the three companies will be able to exploit their capabilities to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure for the transport sector.


Tom Chicken, Chief Technical Officer of Fuel Cell Systems Ltd says,

“We are delighted to be involved in this partnership to deliver innovative and practical solutions for the rail industry.  Having provided the hydrogen refuelling service for the HydroFLEX project, as well as a range of modular solutions up to 700 bar for the wider transport sector, we are well placed to expand this service alongside our new partners.  Hydrogen is a clean technology, with a key role to play in decarbonising the rail industry.”


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