Air Products Continues to Play a Leading Role in Innovative Hydrogen Projects

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  • Hydrogen, key element of the energy mix of the future

Brussels — Air Products continues its commitment to the development of hydrogen as an integral part of the future energy mix and joined the global coalition Hydrogen Council, a global coalition of business leaders concerned with hydrogen-related technologies. As the world’s leading hydrogen supplier and market leader in hydrogen refueling and infrastructure, Air Products has joined the board, which brings together leading oil and energy companies, automakers and aircraft manufacturers.

On the whole, Council members share the conviction that hydrogen will play a crucial role in the future energy transition. Organized at the 2017 World Economic Forum, the Council aims to contribute to the development and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells through significant investments, appropriate policies and other related programs.

In addition to its new role in the Hydrogen Council, Air Products is involved in many innovative hydrogen infrastructure and refueling projects around the world. In Germany, Air Products recently delivered to Alstom a hydrogen filling station and fuel for the world’s first hydrogen-powered trains. These trains have been running successfully for public service since mid-September 2018. Next year, as part of another project funded by StadtWerke Hürth, Air Products will modernize the existing service station in Hürth. This will contribute to the deployment of 30 hydrogen buses circulating in the Cologne area.

Air Products is also focused on developing hydrogen delivery technologies for a network of stations. The latest developments include the use of composite trailers to transport hydrogen under high pressure, two-phase liquid hydrogen tanker trucks and small methane vapor reformers for on-site hydrogen production. In collaboration with the automotive industry, Air Products has developed hydrogen refueling protocols, which have been applied to more than 8 million recoveries in recent decades.

Air Product“We bring our experience both as a leading supplier of hydrogen to refineries for cleaner fuel production and as a pioneer in hydrogen refueling with more than 250 projects in more than 20 countries,” said Seifi Ghasemi, President and CEO of Air Products, Group representative on the Hydrogen Council. “Concretely, we installed our first hydrogen filling station 25 years ago and built a portfolio of more than 50 patents for hydrogen supply and supply technology. ”

Air Products, the world’s leading supplier of hydrogen to refineries to help them produce cleaner transportation fuels, has extensive experience in the hydrogen industry. Specifically, for some hydrogen refueling applications, several sites perform more than 75,000 full per year. The refueling technology developed by the Group is becoming more and more widely used and allows more than 1,500,000 full annuals. Cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, locomotive forklifts, planes, airframes / towers, handling equipment and even submarines have been refueled thanks to Air SmartFuel® Products .

Air Products leverages more than 60 years of hydrogen experience and has a broad patent portfolio in hydrogen distribution technology. The group supplies liquid and gaseous hydrogen and follows a variety of devices and protocols that enable it to dispense fuel at various pressures. Hydrogen for these stations can be delivered on site by truck or pipeline, and is produced by natural gas reforming, biomass conversion or electrolysis, including electrolysis produced by solar and wind energy.


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