France: Alstom and Hynamics (EDF) Sign a Partnership Agreement to Optimise the Fuelling of Hydrogen Trains

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Fuel Cells Works, Alstom and Hynamics (EDF) Sign a Partnership Agreement to Optimise the Fuelling of Hydrogen Trains

Alstom and Hynamics, the hydrogen subsidiary of the EDF Group, today signed a partnership agreement to optimise the hydrogen refuelling of passenger trains. This collaboration will accelerate the development of hydrogen trains and reduce the time needed to refuel them.

The Alstom and Hynamics teams are already carrying out joint modelling, calculation, and simulation work. This work, which notably mobilises the skills and resources of “EDF Lab”, will then be tested from 2022 on the electrolyser test platform at the ‘EDF Lab Les Renardières’, one of three R&D centres of Électricité de France located in Écuelles (Seine-et-Marne). A hydrogen production station, a compressor up to 450 bars and several storage racks will be mobilised to recreate the filling circuits at real size and to evaluate the behaviour of the equipment under optimal observation conditions.

Ultimately, the aim is to define an international refuelling standard that will make it possible to limit the immobilisation of hydrogen-powered trains during refuelling, which is a major issue for both railway companies and passengers, while complying with the regulations and safety rules in force.

“This partnership will enable us to optimise the hydrogen distribution infrastructure and the rolling stock made available to operators. This is a project that presents many opportunities for the decarbonisation of transportation and the development of sustainable mobility”, the two groups emphasise.

Photo: Stéphane Kaba (Alstom), Frédéric Dejean (Hynamics) and Yves Schlumberger (EDF) sign the partnership agreement on hydrogen trains. © EDF/N.Revelli-Beaumont/Sipa

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