Altergy Fuel Cells adds Shields Environmental as Distributor
Altergy Fuel Cells adds Shields Environmental as Distributor
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 19, 2015

Shields to Sell Altergy’s Backup Power Solutions to Wireless Telecom Industry

Folsom, CA – Altergy, the global leader in clean, reliable fuel cell backup power solutions for telecommunications and critical power applications, is pleased to announce the addition of Shields Environmental as a new distributor partner to support overall company growth.  Shields Environmental is a leading supplier of equipment and services solutions to telecommunications network operators worldwide.  Shields will help manage greater demand for Altergy’s products and solutions from customers who are realizing the benefits of fuel cells as not only a cost effective backup power solution but a strategic solution that helps meet corporate sustainability goals.

“We are pleased to add the technical expertise and telecom industry experience of Shields to our team,” stated Michael Balter, VP of Sales. “Their trained professionals will help further drive the benefit of fuel cell solutions to an even wider audience.”

“There is no doubt every carrier will be using this technology for backup power in the next few years. With over 30 years of experience delivering sustainable, clean solutions for our customers, we feel that Altergy’s cutting edge technology is a natural fit for our customer base,” said Bill Peardon, VP of Wireless Services for Shields. “With the Altergy solution, fuel cell technology is finally economical, and proven extensively in the field.”

Shield Environmental joins a prestigious list of Altergy’s distributor partners to include EXPconsulting in the UK, IAPS in the Caribbean, IXAYA in Mexico as well as Eaton, Hill Group and Pinnacle Telecom Group in North America.