Altergy Fuel Cells Help Power Super Bowl 50 with Reliable, Quiet, Zero-Emissions Generators
Altergy Fuel Cells Help Power Super Bowl 50 with Reliable, Quiet, Zero-Emissions Generators
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 29, 2016

Folsom, CA--In support of Super Bowl 50 Host Committee’s commitment to deliver Super Bowl as a Net Positive event – socially, environmentally and economically – Altergy donated several fuel cell powered generators to light the streets and stages of Super Bowl City where performers like OneRepublic and Alicia Keys played to the wee hours of the night in the City by the Bay.

“We were thrilled that Altergy supported our low carbon goals and supplied a large percentage of our hydrogen fuel cell power in Super Bowl City. We were able to get nearly 100% of our energy without using any dirty diesel,” state John Mitchell, Director of Event Productions, San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.
The generators were placed near crowds of people who didn’t notice their presence due to their whisper-quiet operations and absolutely no pollution as compared to both diesel generators and clean diesel generators that both emit harmful toxins.

“The generators powered by Altergy’s fuel cells gave us the opportunity to place power sources and area lighting as close as possible with minimal to zero impact on the area closest to the generators.  While traditional diesel powered light towers provide ample lighting, they are noisy and are not something we can place near to food and beverage areas,” stated Jude Freeman, Event Logistics for Siteline Productions.  “Altergy’s generators could be placed right next to and in one case even integrated into a bistro seating area, all the while people could have normal conversations right next to the generator, and in some cases they couldn’t even tell it was on.”

Altergy’s fuel cells have many applications to include telecommunications, military and homeland security, public safety and datacenters. “We are always looking for opportunities to showcase our fuel cells as viable, cost effective alternative energy technology for a variety of applications,” stated Andrea Laughlin, Director of Marketing for Altergy, “It was a pleasure working with the Super Bowl Committee to help meet their sustainability goals with cleaner, greener solutions that benefit everyone.”