Altergy Joins ATIA as Fuel Cell Manufacturer Member
Altergy Joins ATIA as Fuel Cell Manufacturer Member
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 13, 2016

Membership Affirms Altergy’s Commitment to Telecom Industry’s Sustainability Effort

Folsom, CA — Altergy, the global fuel cell leader in reliable backup power for telecommunications and critical power applications, has joined The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).  As a fuel cell manufacturer member, Altergy looks forward to supporting top global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies by advancing the industry’s most pressing business priorities.  Altergy will join ATIS’ Sustainability in Telecom: Energy and Protection Committee (STEP) which helps to reduce information and communications technologies’ environmental impact as well as operators’ energy costs and also addresses industry power and protection issues by delivering industry-developed solutions.

“ATIS members  create the solutions that are shaping the ICT industry’s future,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan M. Miller. “We are pleased to welcome Altergy’s expertise in the growing field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. We look forward to their contributions to STEP’s work, which is enabling ICT vendors, operators and their customers to deploy and operate more reliable and cost-effective communications technologies.”

With over 8.3 million watts of application deployed, Altergy is paving the way for the telecom industry to reevaluate its current backup power solutions and deliver new solutions as modern as the rest of their network.

“Our membership in ATIS will help drive a better understanding of hydrogen fuel cells and their advantages when it comes to reliability, cost and sustainability,” noted Eric Veith, VP of Product Line Management at Altergy.  “Altergy brings great depth and breadth of engineering and telecom applications talent to the table.”

About Altergy
Altergy Systems®, the global leader in reliable backup power solutions for telecom and critical power applications, delivers proven fuel cell technology that provides on-demand power for extended runtimes with zero emissions. Altergy Freedom Power™ fuel cells have logged more than 32 million hours of runtime, provided uninterrupted power during hurricanes, earthquakes, and severe storms where legacy systems have failed, and have replaced batteries and generators in more than 8.3 million watts of applications. For more information visit