Altmaier Wants to Interlink Hydrogen Strategy with EU

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Berlin (Reuters) – Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wants to make the development of hydrogen technology a focus of the German EU Council Presidency.

It is a key technology. “This transformation costs money,” said the CDU politician in Berlin on Wednesday. It is now a matter of interlinking German plans with the EU strategy. Pilot projects in this field with France are being considered.

The federal government decided in June after months of struggling a hydrogen strategy for the production and use of the fuel. Germany is to become the world leader and drive industrial production. The technology can open up ways to power cars, trucks and planes with synthetic fuels without CO2 emissions. In the future, it can also play a larger role in building energy and steel production.

Another priority of the German EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020 will be to advance a common European industrial policy. The Gaia-X cloud project should also be ready for use. Altmaier also plans to expand battery cell production for electric cars in Europe.

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