ANCAP Uruguay’s state-owned petroleum company to study the development of hydrogen-based fuels

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Ancap Hydrogen Conference in Uruguay 2

Hydrogen fuel is ideal for transport and is a vector capable of storing the output of other renewable energies, said the president of Ancap, Marta Jara, during the seminar “Hydrogen in Uruguay, a commitment to sustainable development.” For his part, the undersecretary of Industry, Guillermo Moncecchi, said that the energy sector of our country is at the forefront in the world.The development of hydrogen-based fuels “is a possibility within the framework of the change in the energy matrix, to see if renewable energies can be used in new sectors,” Moncecchi told the press. He confirmed that the study of this new possibility will be in charge of the Ministry and the National Administration of Fuels, Alcohols and Portland (Ancap).

For its part, the president of the energy entity recalled that the Uruguayan energy matrix is ​​one of the most outstanding in the world for the variety of renewable energy. He explained that at night time not all renewable energy generated in the country is used and, therefore, the option for hydrogen would allow storage.

The public company is interested in the hydrogen option because it is an ideal energy for transport, which can be managed with an infrastructure similar to that of other liquid fuels, he said.

He also assured that the study of the possibilities of hydrogen in Uruguay is not incompatible with the exploration to find oil, because in the framework of the transition of energy products observed in the world, in a few years, each economic sector will be able to select the fuel of your choice. “We have to try to keep as much viable offer,” he said.

For this reason, Jara confirmed the approval of the terms of the next round of business for the exploration of crude oil. He recalled that it is carried out under private investment and that it does not commit public financing. “As long as there are private actors with interest and capacity, we will continue with that business model,” he said. Finally, he stressed that the prospects of completing business are greater with a price of a barrel of oil located between 70 and 80 dollars.

The seminar on hydrogen in Uruguay was held on the morning of Tuesday 6 at the headquarters of Ancap. The executive director of Hydrogenics, Filip Smeets, and Hinicio's chief executive, Patrick Maio, also participated.


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