AQUA AEREM – The Hydrogen Trail – Extract Water from Desert Air and Convert it to Hydrogen

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  • Australian Joint Venture project to provide water, green hydrogen and reliable, on-demand electricity for Northern Territory community.

Off-grid solar power could be used to provide water capture from the atmosphere and green hydrogen to generate reliable, on-demand electricity to remote communities like Tennant Creek under a proposal submitted by the Australian joint venture to the Northern Territory Government.

The Axcentium / Ahurei joint venture has proposed its own proprietary technology AQUA AEREM which uses solar power to produce water from the air – even in arid environments – and hydrogen to generate reliable on-demand electricity.

For the community of Tennant Creek, the joint venture has proposed a 15MW electrolyser which would produce 912 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen, and provide around 50 percent of the energy for the town’s 3,000 people.

This proposal has been submitted to the Northern Territory Government and is currently under evaluation.

In addition to providing water and green energy to remote communities the Hydrogen Trial project would also provide local jobs during construction and over the longer term operation of the assets.

AQUA AEREM renewable hydrogen technology is scalable with the opportunity to be deployed on much larger projects in the future to create export volumes of hydrogen for Asian markets including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region.

This is in line with the Northern Territory’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy released on July 10, 2020 which details the positive contribution renewable hydrogen can make to the NT economy and highlights the Territory’s high level of irradiance, world class port, industrial precinct’s and proximity to Asian markets.

The Axcentium / Ahurei green hydrogen project “The Hydrogen Trail” will also support the Northern Territory Government in achieving its 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030 and efforts to attract investment in renewable hydrogen as part of the Northern Territory’s transition to renewables.

As a power source to drive AQUA AEREM advanced photovoltaic technology, concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) will be used to capture high-irradiance sunlight and generate electricity at approximately twice higher efficiency than conventional silicon panels. Owing to multijunction semiconductor technology and dual-axis tracking. CPV will overperform silicon panels under high direct normal irradiance which is a characteristic in the Northern Territory. The stable power generation of CPV all through the daytime is preferable for driving water electrolysis in a cost-effective manner. It will also help reduce carbon emissions by providing a renewable energy source and a means of energy storage.

The Axcentium / Ahurei joint venture are working closely with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) on funding for this renewable hydrogen project.


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