Atrex Energy Successfully Developed and Demonstrated 5 KW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology Sponsored by DOE’s National Energy Technology Lab

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Altrex SOFC

WALPOLE, Mass. — Atrex Energy has successfully developed and demonstrated advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology through a program sponsored by the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (DE-FE0028063). The objective of this program was to develop, build and test an ultra-low degradation, high efficiency SOFC stack with a novel capability for energy storage.

R&D efforts have demonstrated the ability to operate SOFCs under sub-stoichiometric partial oxidation air-to-fuel ratios while showing significant resiliency against high fuel utilizations approaching 120%. Core fuel cell innovations including manufacturing advancements enabled Atrex to develop and demonstrate a cost effective, durable 5KW SOFC stack operating on natural gas at net fuel-to-DC electricity efficiencies of ~50 % while operating at a nominal temperature of 650 deg C.

Atrex Energy has been deploying SOFCs in commercial applications for >7 years and has demonstrated continuity of its flagship product for over 35,000 hours. We have now deployed more than 600 fuel cell stacks in varied remote power markets utilizing well head natural gas or LPG as fuels, collectively accumulating >6 million hours of operational life time.

Atrex Energy believes it’s in a unique position to bring these innovations to the commercial space. Specifically, we aim to bring the 2.5KW and 5KW demonstration prototype developed through this effort direct to market.

“Successful execution of this program paved a path for larger power product offerings for larger markets at reduced costs,” said Praveen Cheekatamarla, Ph.D. Atrex Director, Research and Product Development. “Some of those markets include micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP), advanced desiccant air conditioning and power solutions, as well as larger rail, oil & gas installations, telecommunications, and data centers.” Atrex sees these stacks as precursors to distributed generation solutions (100 kW) followed by more centralized power solutions capable of operating on our nation’s vast supply of natural gas as well as coal-based syngas.

About Atrex Energy
Atrex Energy provides a variety of power generation products based on a unique tubular solid oxide fuel cell technology which operates on conventional natural gas and propane at high efficiency. No hydrogen is required. The Atrex Energy systems provide clients with money-saving, smart and reliable solutions for power needs. The Company expects to double its workforce in the coming years as sales grow. Atrex Energy is located at 19 Walpole Park South in Walpole, MA 02081. More information can be found at


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