Australia: McGowan Government Commits to $10 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund

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Course set for WA’s renewable hydrogen future

  • Renewable Hydrogen Strategy to position Western Australia as a frontrunner in the burgeoning global renewable hydrogen industry
  • McGowan Government commits to $10 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund

The McGowan Government has launched its Renewable Hydrogen Strategy to position Western Australia as a major producer and exporter of renewable hydrogen.

The Government will support investment by establishing a $10 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund to facilitate private sector investment in the renewable hydrogen industry.

WA features vast renewable energy sources including solar and wind, extensive land mass, a strong existing energy export sector and proximity to Asia where key markets such as Japan and Korea have signalled a shift towards low emissions hydrogen for the future.

The State strategy sets four strategic focus areas: export, applications in remotely located industries, hydrogen blending in natural gas networks, and transport using fuel cell electric vehicles.

The WA Government will continue to work closely with the Federal Government and relevant bodies to support regulatory reform that will enable growth of the renewable hydrogen industry. A dedicated unit will co-ordinate the State’s work on growing the industry, both domestically and for export.

The WA Renewable Hydrogen Strategy is available from

Comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan: “As the world moves to a lower carbon future, our Renewable Hydrogen Strategy will put WA at the forefront of what will be a major new global energy industry.

“This strategy builds on WA’s renewables potential and global reputation as a leading exporter to position Western Australia as a key player in the future energy mix.

“Hydrogen is a means to export our world-class solar and wind resources, helping our international trading partners to meet their emissions reduction goals, as well as supporting our industries to transition to a lower carbon future and driving a new job-creating industry for our State.

“This is a major opportunity for WA, however it will not occur without significant investment and lead times: this strategy and our Renewable Hydrogen Fund are the first steps down that path.

“We need to build our domestic hydrogen market and our skills base, to drive the transition for our existing industries and capitalise on this opportunity for WA’s economy, supporting regional jobs and growth.

“We thank the Renewable Hydrogen Council and the CSIRO whose analysis and recommendations have informed this landmark strategy. The Council will remain in place to provide strategic advice to the WA Government on the development of the industry.”




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