Australian Government Announces Oakajee Renewable Hydrogen Expression of Interest

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The Western Australian Government has announced a global Expressions of Interest (EOI) process for the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area Renewable Hydrogen initiative.

A significant opportunity within Western Australia’s unique renewable hydrogen landscape is the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area (Oakajee SIA).

The Western Australian Government intends to transform this greenfields site into a globally competitive, multi-product renewable hydrogen industrial precinct.

It is proposed for the precinct to have a particular focus on innovative technologies and future value chains such as:

  •  the production of renewable hydrogen for domestic use.
  • downstream processing industries, and
  • export and advanced manufacturing industries servicing the renewable hydrogen market.

To initiate this process, the Western Australian Government is inviting Expressions of Interest from corporations and businesses across the world with the capacity, experience and vision to be part of this leading project.


The Oakajee SIA is a designated, greenfields strategic industrial area, located 435km north of Western Australia’s capital city of Perth, and 23km north of the Mid West regional city, Geraldton. The Oakajee SIA has 4 key land uses:

  • Strategic industry core – 1134ha
  • Buffer area – 4070ha – with potential for wind and solar power generation
  • Future port/coastal area – 1000ha
  • Industry support areas – 196ha

Completely owned and managed by the Western Australian Government, the vision for the Oakajee SIA is to be a sustainable, internationally competitive downstream processing industrial hub for major domestic and international markets.


The Oakajee SIA’s renewable hydrogen potential is centred on its world-class and diurnally complementary wind and solar potential, which provides a consistently high renewable contribution to energy production capacity.

Global data sets  indicate the renewable resources at the Oakajee SIA are internationally competitive:

  • Wind speed: 7.50 to 8.75 m/s with a capacity factor up to 50%, among the highest in the world.
  • Global Horizontal Irradiation: 2000 – 2200 kWh/m2.

Initial order of magnitude assessments indicate the Oakajee SIA buffer has the potential to provide up to 270MW of wind generation or 1250MW of solar photovoltaic renewable energy.

Supported by gas firming, it is estimated this generation capacity could provide a levelised cost of electricity below 10c/kWh.


Source: The Government of Western Australia

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