Australia’s First Hydrogen Microgrid in Denham Showcases Renewable Potential

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The Cook Government has unveiled a comprehensive Public Knowledge Sharing Report on the Denham Renewable Hydrogen Microgrid, marking a significant milestone as Australia’s first operational hydrogen microgrid project. Located in Denham, this pioneering initiative integrates a 704-kilowatt solar farm with a 348kW hydrogen electrolyser and a 100kW fuel cell, setting a precedent for alternative energy solutions across the nation.

This groundbreaking project, designed to serve as a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel generators, is anticipated to reduce diesel consumption by approximately 140,000 liters annually. The successful deployment of this microgrid underscores the potential of hydrogen technology in enhancing renewable energy systems.

The Public Knowledge Sharing Report aims to disseminate findings related to the technology’s functionality, cost-effectiveness, regulatory landscape, and community response to hydrogen energy. This document will serve as a critical resource for stakeholders considering the adoption of hydrogen technology in other remote microgrids and renewable energy projects.

Funding for the Denham Renewable Hydrogen Microgrid was secured through the collaborative efforts of the Western Australian Labor Government, including contributions from the Renewable Hydrogen Fund and Horizon Power, along with support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Advancing Renewables Program.

Australias First Hydrogen Microgrid in Denham Showcases Renewable PotentialFor more information see: Horizon Power – Denham Hydrogen Demonstration Plant(link is external).

Premier Roger Cook: “I want to see WA become a renewable energy powerhouse, and hydrogen will have an important role to play in our clean energy future.

“This innovative project helps to reduce our reliance on diesel in remote areas, delivering cleaner, affordable and reliable power for Denham.

“The knowledge we’ve gained through this pilot project will help to guide future remote uses of renewable hydrogen across WA and the rest of the nation.”

Acting Energy Minister Dr Tony Buti: “This report confirms the great opportunity for hydrogen to play a role in our State’s energy transition.

“As we retire State-owned coal-fired power and embrace renewable energy, hydrogen could play a key role in powering our State while creating jobs and business opportunities through new export markets.

“By displacing diesel with hydrogen in Denham, our Government has also demonstrated how this technology could specifically benefit regional communities that are connected to microgrids.”


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