Austria: FPÖ-Bitschi Wants a Hydrogen Initiative

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Austria Hydrogen Initiative

The Freedom Party of Austria and its Premier Christof Bitschi wants a Hydrogen Initiative

FPÖ Christof Bitschi said,  “Hydrogen will play an important role in the mobility and energy transition. Vorarlberg must not oversleep the development in this area! “

Freedom Party of AustriaIn order to promote climate protection, the head of the FPÖ Christof Bitschi in Vorarlberg wants to accelerate the use of hydrogen. “Green hydrogen technology will play an important role in the mobility and energy transition. It is important to make the best possible use of the ecological and economic potential of this technology both as a future-oriented form of transport and in economic terms. The time is right. Vorarlberg must not overslept the development in this area “, Bitschi clarifies.

The FPÖ state premier now wants a hydrogen initiative, “so that Vorarlberg becomes a pioneer in hydrogen”. “We need a clear plan, which makes sense and can be implemented in Vorarlberg. This requires networking of all partners who can make a contribution. We must set priorities for research and innovation and start an investment offensive, “says Bitschi, calling for the development of a hydrogen strategy for Vorarlberg, including all major players.

“Together, we have the opportunity for Vorarlberg to take hydrogen technology a big step towards energy autonomy and reduce CO2 emissions. We have to use this opportunity. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing touch with other regions in this area as well “, said FPO state premier Christof Bitschi.

Source: Freedom Party of Austria


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