Avacon and DVGW Cooperate on Hydrogen

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Avacon and DVGW

New record for hydrogen energy supply. For the first time, 20% hydrogen will be added to the network 

Salzgitter–As of the end of next year, Avacon, one of the four distribution network operators of E.ON, intends for the first time to add up to 20 percent hydrogen to a network section in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Dr. Stephan Tenge, Avacon, and Prof. dr. Gerald Linke, DVGW, signed a cooperation agreement in Salzgitter for more hydrogen in the natural gas grid. (Source: DVGW)

This is a new high; So far, the admixture limit was just under 10 percent. Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke, Chairman of the German Gas and Water Association (DVGW) and Avacon Chief Technology Officer Stephan Tenge signed a cooperation agreement in Salzgitter today. 

The joint project is a model for the future use of hydrogen in gas distribution grids and is technically and scientifically supported by the DVGW. Insights from the project allow the further development of the technical rules and regulations of the association.

“Hydrogen is an ideal energy source to connect all sectors and makes an important contribution to the success of the energy transition,” says Tenge. In addition, the project is a strategic building block to avoid CO2. “It is important to reduce CO2 emissions in all areas in order to contribute to the climate.”

“The pilot project marks an important milestone on the way to a climate-friendly energy system. It shows that the admixture of increasingly higher proportions of CO2-free gases is within reach and in the future, the feed-in of up to 100 percent hydrogen in the natural gas network will be technically possible, “predicts Linke.

Hydrogen is compatible with the existing infrastructure and can be stored in the nationwide natural gas network covering more than 500,000 kilometers and can be used in a variety of ways for climate-friendly heat and power production in industry, households and for fuel cell mobility. 

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