AZAPA-FDS Fuel Cell Concept the Little Car That Moves You

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This little fuel cell car concept may make not move you to love its design but its concept will move you to how practical it really is.

The AZAPA-FDS Fuel Cell Concept was recently unveiled at the Auto China 2020 (Beijing Motor Show). This Ultra compact mobility concept car planned and developed by Engineering firm AZAPA.

The FDC measures about 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall, making it significantly smaller than a Hyundai Venue subcompact crossover. The size makes it easy to maneuver and park in tight spaces, and very practical for short rides around town.

AZAPA-FDS Concept is expected to be launched in the market during fiscal year 2021 and will be the world’s first fuel-cell vehicle as a two-person ultra-compact mobility vehicle for commercial use.

Developed for use in short-distance driving on an everyday basis, this compact, easy to use car is capable of traveling approximately 100 km with just one fill up of hydrogen.

As it only takes a few seconds to fill up with hydrogen, there is no need to worry about the charging time or replace the batteries as with electric cars, and the characteristic of this product is that it can be easily used for short distance travel on a daily basis. No one needs to worry about the car’s charging time or battery replacement, making it easy to use for short distances on a daily basis.

The project was conceived with the aim of providing mobility that supports a vibrant and enriched lifestyle and contributes to the creation of a better society by spreading next-generation mobility that has a low impact on society in terms of energy, space and noise.

AZAPA has developed a battery EV version as well as a fuel-cell version of Ultra-Compact Mobility. An FDS consortium has been set up with collaborating companies to conduct research on the use of ultra-compact mobility and on solving development and production issues.

The “FDS concept” and the new product mark were designed by the Nezu Kouta Center at the newly established AZAPA Design Center.

The FDS concept has a compact body with many innovative ideas for innovations, backed by AZAPA technology.

The “FDS concept” is packed with innovative ideas for the future, backed up by AZAPA technologies, in its compact body. Each and every one of them is something that we hope will become the “norm for the next generation” when we look at the future society.

The “FDS concept” design symbolically embodies these technologies.

With an unprecedented format that takes into account the time of manufacture as well as the time of use, AZAPA appeals to the public that it will continue to take on the challenge of changing the mobility society in the future with these vehicles.

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