Azolla Hydrogen Partners With Cal State LA on Hydrogen Production Unit Demonstration

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Fuel Cells Works, Azolla Hydrogen Partners With Cal State LA on Hydrogen Production Unit Demonstration

RED DEER, AlbertaAzolla Hydrogen Ltd. President and CEO Jared Sayers is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with California State University, Los Angeles to move forward with a demonstration project at the university’s Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility (HRFF). The Cal State LA HRFF is the largest university-based hydrogen fueling station in the U.S. and was the first facility in the world to sell hydrogen fuel by the kilogram directly to retail customers in 2014.

This MoU is in alignment with Azolla Hydrogen’s strategic plan to expand its operations into the U.S. and kickstart the opening of Azolla Hydrogen’s Los Angeles operation. This research and development project will demonstrate the results of Azolla’s investment in updating compression, storage and dispensing equipment on its hydrogen production units. Azolla Hydrogen’s Biodrome 225 unit will integrate with existing HRFF fueling station infrastructure, functioning under operational conditions to validate its operability, data on reliability, and improve the Biodrome’s efficiency.

The Azolla Biodrome 225 unit produces 225 kilograms of low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission hydrogen per day from bio-methanol feedstock and de-ionized water. Increasing demand at the HRFF has been recognized and the Azolla Biodrome 225 will support the growing demand for hydrogen production. This unit will augment the Cal State LA station’s current 60 kilograms of hydrogen per day production output by more than 4.5 times — reaching a capacity of 285kg of consistent and reliable hydrogen production per day.

The Cal State LA HRFF is focused on more than just providing clean energy to environmentally conscious vehicle operators. It also acts as a hydrogen outreach tool to educate students and potential end users on hydrogen fuelling systems. This partnership will help to advance the hydrogen industry by sharing real-world knowledge and expertise while also developing workforce skills in students. The station currently employs students to operate the facility and provides guided tours to the general public. It is a great example of different production technologies working in combination with each other to meet the growing demand for hydrogen.

Azolla Hydrogen Ltd. has been awarded grant funding from National Resources Canada under the CanExport Innovation program to help support with legal and certification expenses in collaboration with the Cal State LA demonstration project.

Azolla Hydrogen would like to thank Dr. David Blekhman (technical director of the Cal State Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility), Michael Dray (technical operations and hydrogen station manager), and Dr. Jeffery Underwood (associate vice president for research at Cal State LA) for their efforts to bring this project forward. We would also like to thank the Board of Directors of Azolla Hydrogen for their unwavering support and commitment.

About Azolla Hydrogen Ltd.:

Azolla Hydrogen is an Alberta based start-up with a focus on the Alberta, California, and North American hydrogen economy as a whole. We help companies transition from a default reliance on fossil fuels. As we edge toward decarbonizing the energy sector, hydrogen as a transportation fuel has been gaining influence. Azolla Hydrogen has identified a pathway to generate low-GHG hydrogen that is scalable and not reliant on the power grid or fossil-fueled small modular reactors for electrolysis. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates – Azolla Hydrogen

About Cal State LA – Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility:

Located in the Los Angeles metro area, the Cal State LA Hydrogen Research Fueling Facility (HRFF) has been operating since 2014 and is one of the leading hydrogen technology research institutions globally. HRFF is the largest university-located hydrogen fueling facility in the U.S., producing hydrogen on-site from renewable energy sources via electrolysis. The HRFF is the first certified facility in the world to sell hydrogen fuel by the kilogram directly to retail customers.

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