Bertrandt Develops Drive Solutions with Hydrogen

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Bertrandt Hydrogen Vehicle

Green production, practicable storage, long-range and short refueling times

Ehningen–Bertrandt is one of the few companies to have both the competence and the geographical approval to work with highly reactive hydrogen gas. With the conversion of an Ape from two-stroke to electric motor in conjunction with hydrogen fuel cell technology, the engineers exemplify this competence. This example can be transferred to any number of vehicle types and scaled as required.

The discussion about the reduction of CO 2 emissions from conventional vehicle drives is in full swing. Drives such as electromobility are being discussed as an environmentally friendly alternative. However, short-range and long loading times lead to considerable challenges. The hydrogen fuel cell technology offers suitable solutions for this. Vehicles that are fully or partially hydrogen-powered offer more benefits in addition to a higher range. Refueling is about as fast as with gasoline or diesel fuel. Compared to electrical energy in battery storage systems, hydrogen can be stored for a long time without loss and can be transported in a practical way. The outstanding and decisive advantage of targeted fuel cell technology is

However, there are strict safety regulations for handling explosive gas. Few companies in the automotive sector are qualified to do so – Bertrandt is one of them. “As one of the first engineering service providers, Bertrandt received approval for working with this sensitive material at the Munich site. We have successfully qualified appropriate space and personnel. Three vehicle workstations are available for testing and the further development of and with the new technology. For example, we can treat and refuel hydrogen tanks with the in-house hydrogen overflow system, “says Thomas Krabatsch, Bertrandt department head in the field of drive development.

The engineers in this area are highlighting the competence in this area in a current project: “We have equipped a Piaggio Ape 50 with the combustion engine and installed an electric drive system. To increase the range in battery operation, we have integrated a range extender based on a hydrogen fuel cell. This makes it possible to adjust the range as required depending on the installed H 2 tank volume. This concept can be applied to various vehicle types. We are very well positioned to push this topic forward, “says Philipp Zimmer, team leader Hydrogen Technologies.

This emission-free drive concept not only provides a solution for the classic passenger car, but also for the fleet vehicles of municipalities, the truck sector or the aviation and shipping industries.

Bertrandt offers innovative engineering as well as consulting in quality and project management from the first idea to the product ready for serial production. We deal with sophisticated technologies of the present and the future, thus decisively shaping the world of tomorrow. Our developments improve the quality of life in everyday life. With 13,000 employees at over 50 locations, we are internationally represented and offer know-how in all high-tech industries.
Bertrandt: Engineering for humans.


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