Birkenfeld Physicists Receives Research Contract for Fuel Cell Technology

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Birkenfeld physicists receive research contract for fuel cell technology

The fuel cell group at the environmental campus Birkenfeld has received its largest private-sector research contract from an energy provider so far. The order in the mid six-digit range has an initial term of 18 months and includes the development of fuel cell technology for stationary applications, ie the re-conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy.

The research group headed by Professor Gregor Hoogers has been working on fuel cells for almost twenty years now and for about five years on lithium-ion batteries in parallel. “The race is far from being in favor of the battery – even in the car,” says Hoogers. “In addition to the stationary area, the hydrogen fuel cell has clear advantages, at least for trucks and buses, not least ranges, as they are used to from conventional vehicles, with refueling in just a few minutes.”

In particular, students of physics engineering support the research team in the fuel cell and battery laboratory and thus gain a solid basis for these future technologies.

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