BlueGEN fuel cells from SOLIDpower exceed 10 million operating hours
BlueGEN fuel cells from SOLIDpower exceed 10 million operating hours
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, August 04, 2016

Heinsberg / Mezzolombardo -- The fuel cell technology from SOLIDpower, developer and manufacturer of micro power plants for supplying residential and commercial buildings with electricity and heat, has set a new operating record. With its BlueGEN power series, the company is offering one of the most efficient energy conversion systems on the market today.

Reliable operation guaranteed, for high power requirements

"10 million operating hours for all units on the market: this is an important milestone in our work. This achievement emphasises fuel cell technology's advanced maturity level," as Guido Gummert, CEO of SOLIDpower Germany, emphasizes "and all the more so because the experience was gained directly on site, during our customers' operations, and attests to a high level of reliability. A 10-year service contract gives all users both the operational and the economic security for an innovative energy supply system."

BlueGEN fuel cell technology is based on solid oxide ceramic, which guarantees durable, continuous operation. It is consequently one of the most efficient energy conversion systems currently found on the international market. The technical concept, namely generating more electricity than heat with hydrogen from natural gas, is on the rise: Global power requirements are steadily increasing from year to year.

Achieving the uniquely high electrical efficiency level of up to 60 percent and an overall efficiency level of up to 85 percent, the BlueGEN system represents an extremely efficient alternative to conventional electricity and heat production. It therefore offers the possibility of reliably ensuring the energy supply year-round, on-site and in a decentralised and low-emission manner. Operating companies can consequently reduce their energy costs significantly, while making an important contribution to the energy transition in connection with citizen participation.

By early June 2016, more than 700 BlueGEN systems had been sold and installed in Germany and nine other countries. All in all, in sum total, they have passed the 10 million operating hour mark since then. The BlueGEN system is currently offered in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, and other European markets, and is available through selected partners or directly from SOLIDpower.

Guido Gummert, CEO of SOLIDpower (Germany) GmbH is pleased with the durability of the BlueGEN technology. He is currently intensifying market activities with partners in the knowledge that sales of the BlueGEN units will continue to grow from the turn of the year.