Bosch and Cadent Planning Hydrogen-Powered Worcestershire

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Fuel Cells Works, Bosch and Cadent Planning Hydrogen-Powered Worcestershire

PLANS are gathering momentum to transform the way Worcestershire is powered.

Gas company Cadent is planning to roll-out its hydrogen network to help reduce the county’s reliance on natural gas.

In addition, Worcester Bosch is developing a hydrogen heating system and hydrogen-powered cars along with buses and refuse trucks.

The two companies were visited by West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin, who took a spin in a hydrogen-powered Hyundai and learnt more about Cadent’s plans.

She said: “We all know that the electricity network is much in demand so it is important that we look at valid alternatives, including hydrogen to heat our homes and businesses and for our commuter journeys.

“I’ve been a supporter of electric vehicles and having now tried a hydrogen-powered vehicle, I am similarly impressed.

“There are some very viable alternatives available for those who want to move away from the traditional combustion engine.

“The use of hydrogen – and which type of the gas – is still the subject of some debate but I am grateful for Cadent to take the time to talk me through this issue and share some of their views on the way forward.”

Elliott Nelson, director of West Midlands Network, from Cadent added: “We were hugely grateful to Harriett for taking the time to talk to us and take a drive in the hydrogen car.

“The mains replacement work we are doing is important from a safety perspective, but it is a crucial step to ensure our network is able to carry hydrogen to people’s homes and business in the future, where it will be needed.

“As we await for a decision from Government on hydrogen’s full role in helping us deliver net zero, it’s important we continue to do what we can to future-proof our network now.

“We’ll be investing £288m over the next five years to secure this greener future for Worcestershire’s gas distribution network.”

Source: Malvern Gazette


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