Breakthrough in hydrogen production by H2 Energy Renaissance
Breakthrough in hydrogen production by H2 Energy Renaissance
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, May 05, 2016
  • soon to be mass-produced, would provide power to every house and vehicle with clean energy at reduced cost;
  • this transforms the energy sector forever

LOS ANGELES -- The Patented H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator, which is inexpensive to manufacture, produces on-demand affordable hydrogen. This technology shall reduce the costs of electricity and fuel transport at least by 50%

.Economic Benefits

  • Generator produces hydrogen at an affordable 50 cents to $1 per kilogram.
  • Placed on cars as source of fuel, it will cost $1 to drive 60 miles.
  • Toyota Mirai goes 67 miles on 1kilogram of hydrogen.
  • If placed in a home to produce electricity, 1kWh will cost 5-7 cents.
  • Californians pay about 20 cents per kWh, in Europe and Japan 1 kWh costs 20-30 cents.

Mass usage of generators will transform how we use energy.  Here are official test certificates by prominent EPA certified testers:

Benefits of Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen turns to water when burned.
  • Produces 0% greenhouse gas emissions.
  • AC Transit, the public transit in Bay Area, powers buses with H2; its officials state that it is safer than gasoline.

Fossil fuels kill millions, pollute air and water, and cause climate change. United Nations asserts that hydrogen will be the primary transport fuel of the next century.

The generator uses 150 watts of electricity to remove oxide film from Aluminum with an electro-hydraulic shock; then, 16 physical and chemical processes efficiently break up water molecules.  The generator needs tap water, aluminum, electricity (from solar panel), and a basic chemical catalyst. The generator is completely safe.

How can the generator be used?

It will connect to an engine, fuel cell, boiler or a turbine to produce electricity, heat or motion.  These applications power 98% of the world's energy use. 

  • The generator is a portable source of clean fuel. (like a portable fuel pump)
  • Use wherever fuel or electricity is needed.
  • Use at home, on a farm, or at a factory for affordable clean electricity.
  • Perfect for backup power.

Too good to be true?  If you would like to see the technology test run firsthand, bring a member of the media for a live test in person or via web conference.

100 years ago air-travel seemed impossible. Today it is taken for granted. The cleaner, cheaper alternative to dangerous, dirty fossil or nuclear fuel is finally here. Soon, everyone will have a choice to produce clean electricity in their backyard, or to buy a hydrogen car.

The generator will give people a real choice to save money and save the earth from environmental destruction. 

H2 Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator received an award grant in 2013 from the Galloway Nielsen Foundation. To find out more about our award-wining hydrogen generator, or to learn how to become a pioneer to use this world-changing technology, please visit our website and sign up: