Caetano Hydrogen Buses Chosen for eFarm Project in Germany

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Caetano announces that the company has sold its first two hydrogen Caetano H2 City Gold for The eFarm project in Germany.

Later this year, two H2. City Gold units will be delivered to Niebüll – North Frisia, in order to achieve one of the ambitious aims of The eFarm project: a hydrogen network of renewable energy sources (from production and processing to distribution and fleet use).

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The Caetano 12-meter hydrogen-powered buses will be operated flexibly on several scheduled service lines by Autokraft GmbH, which is the group company of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB).

The buses have a range of 400 km in a single charge, according to the company. The power supply components, such as hydrogen tanks, batteries and fuel cell stack, are placed on the roof, helping contribute to a low-floor design and a comfortable passenger experience. In the event of an accident, thanks to hydrogen leakage sensors and crash sensors installed, the hydrogen flow is cut out of the tanks.

CaetanoBus Sales Director, Kohei Umeno, said: “GP Joule is developing the largest green hydrogen mobility scheme in Germany. We are very proud that Caetano can be a part of this initiative by delivering our H2. City Gold and help to create a greener future in which we want to live in.”



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