Canada: H2V Energies Working on a $ 1.3 Billion Hydrogen Plant Project in Quebec

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According to a Le Journal de Quebec report H2V Énergies, a Quebec-based company, is working on a $ 1.3-billion factory project in the Bécancour Port and Industrial Park.

“Normand Goyette a local businessman , has stepped up his efforts so that the project can see the light of day by 2022. In June 2018, he signed a promise to purchase for a land of just over one million square feet located at 6005 Raoul-Duchesne Boulevard. The plant will have an area of ​​133,500 square feet.”

The facility will produce green hydrogen that will be used by the transportation industry.

“This is a project whose mission will be to treat, decarbonise and use biomass to transform it into green, pure and traceable hydrogen. From biomass, hydrogen can be produced at a lower market cost, “says Goyette. “We will also generate carbon credits that will be a source of income,” he continues.

“We are very advanced in the technical and design aspects of the building. We want to produce at least 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. We would become the largest producer in the world in terms of volume, “he continues.

According to the report in the Journal, “Mr. Goyette states that the transportation sector will be an important player in the hydrogen market over the next few years. He estimates that we will see more and more car manufacturers, like Toyota with its Mirai, use this energy. Trains, ships, buses and trucks will also be growth sectors.”

“There is also hydrogen trolley,” he says, nodding to the multi-billion dollar project in the capital. “The H2V refueling locomotive solution will allow the rail industry to cross Canada without having to refuel; especially, without producing CO 2 emissions and at a lower cost than diesel “, concludes the one who works on this site since 2016.

Creation of 328 jobs

The new institution should eventually create 328 permanent jobs. If everything goes according to the plans of the management, H2V Énergies would like to start work for its plant in the spring of 2020.

Source: Le Journal de Quebec



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