Cenergy Holdings Joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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Cenergy Joins ECHA

Cenergy Holdings has signed the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance declaration, as an integral part of its strategy for sustainable growth in balance with the Paris Climate Agreement, the UN Sustainability Goals, and the EU Green Deal.

Being at the forefront of technological innovation, Cenergy Holdings companies lead the way in R&D initiatives for hydrogen transportation through existing or new energy networks, and develop the technology and the new products that can bring the hydrogen era closer to the realisation of a decarbonised clean energy future.

The Alliance aims at an ambitious deployment of hydrogen technologies by 2030, bringing together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors, and hydrogen transmission and distribution. With the alliance, the EU wants to build its global leadership in this domain, to support the EU’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Cenergy Holdings Hydrogen pathway

Cenergy Holdings companies, Corinth Pipeworks and Hellenic Cables, operate in the energy markets and have implemented projects all over the world over decades. Being in the forefront of technology and innovation is an integral part of their strategy. The companies aim to grow sustainably, through the development of their knowledge to deliver enhanced technical solutions to customers. Hydrogen developments have been followed up for some years now, because it is strongly believed that hydrogen is key in meeting climate targets. The hydrogen strategy is based on two main pillars:

  • Research and development

Cenergy Holding companies, Corinth Pipeworks and Hellenic cables, are active in the transportation of energy. More specifically:

Corinth Pipeworks is a leading steel pipe manufacturer for the energy sector and is the first steel pipe manufacturer worldwide to sign the Hydrogen Alliance. This comes as a recognition of the importance of hydrogen to a greener future and confirms its position as a market leader. Natural Gas pipelines – existing and new infrastructure – are expected to be mainly utilised for the transportation of hydrogen from the H2 production facilities to the main consumption sites. Big scale electrolysis plants are expected to be located near the shore to be able to take advantage of the limitless offshore wind energy or vast solar parks and achieve competitive levelised cost of energy (LCOE). Corinth Pipeworks’ main focus of research is the secure transportation of hydrogen as natural gas mixture or in pure form through high pressure steel grade pipelines and the certification of the pipeline network for H2-transport compliance. An extensive campaign of tests in specialised laboratories is in progress in co-operation with international TSOs. The accumulated know-how and proven materials performance shall contribute the most in exploiting a large infrastructure to accommodate hydrogen and achieve a greener future.

Hellenic Cables is a leading provider of land and submarine cable solutions that enable the energy transition around the world. The company’s products and services are integral parts of onshore and subsea interconnectors, offshore wind, and other renewable energy projects. In line with this mission, Hellenic Cables also develops solutions to seamlessly integrate hydrogen into the energy infrastructure. In co-operation with leading European Universities and industrial partners, Hellenic cables contributes to the development of the necessary innovative products to bring the hydrogen era closer.

  • Standardisation and regulations

Large-scale use of hydrogen as a clean energy solution requires the co-operation of national technical authorities, universities, standardisation bodies and market leaders to develop and create new regulations, technical specifications in order to secure the smooth and seamless introduction of hydrogen in the energy mix. Hundreds of projects worldwide extend the research in scaling up hydrogen, next-generation electrolysers, offshore hydrogen production, blending hydrogen in gas network, use of hydrogen in heating and transportation, health and safety systems, etc. Cenergy Holdings companies contribute their expertise in this important task that will create the basis for the transition to a hydrogen economy.


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