CEO of Green Tomato Cars Wants More Hydrogen Stations in London

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In recent weeks there has been a lot of pressure on the government from groups and people within the UK to improve the hydrogen refueling network across the country.

One of those pushing for better access to hydrogen stations is the founder and managing director of Green Tomato Cars Jonny Goldston. The company has deployed  50 Toyota Mirai cars (which means ‘Future’ in Japanese). The vehicles use hydrogen fuel cell technology to deliver a range of 300 miles from a three-minute refueling time and operate 24/7 in London and the surrounding area but in order to keep growing there needs to be access to further hydrogen stations.

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He made the following comments:

“We have 50 hydrogen cars and we’re looking to expand that number. But we want to have the confidence that the infrastructure will be there to allow us to operate consistently and efficiently for our drivers and customers.

“The refuelling network needs to expand to enable demand for hydrogen vehicles to increase, which in turn will lead to manufacturers producing more and greater customer uptake. It’s a classic ‘chicken and egg’ situation at the moment, but we’re proud to be leading the way.”

The majority of Green Tomato Cars’ 50 hydrogen car drivers have written to their local MPs to gain support for the expansion of the network.

“We have lots of plug-in electric vehicles and I absolutely believe they have a part to play too,” said Goldstone.

“But if we are to reach the Net Zero targets that have been set, we can’t just invest in one form of technology. Even the most staunch supporters of battery technology will acknowledge that.

“We need support and leadership from the top on this. The Government should be leading the way and businesses should be part of the solution. At the minute, the major push is coming directly from businesses.

“The Government is currently producing a UK Hydrogen Strategy, and London has ambitious plans to improve air quality. Both of these require a clear plan for hydrogen refuelling stations in London, and across the country. A clear policy for this, aligned with incentives to encourage the purchasing of hydrogen vehicles will provide a powerful statement about the UK’s potential to lead the world’s hydrogen economy, which is expected to be worth $2.5 trillion by 2050.

“We simply can’t afford for this to be an opportunity missed.”




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