CGA Launches Hydrogen “Safety Is Step One” Campaign

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In an email sent earlier today to members of the Compressed Gas Association, CGA President & CEO Rich Gottwald shared the news that we are launching a major new campaign, Hydrogen “Safety is Step One.”

We share the contents of Rich’s email below…

Dear CGA Member,

I’m writing to tell you about an important initiative the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is embarking upon: one that will help unleash a new energy era, address the threat of climate change, and transform the global economy. And I’m writing to ask for your help and support in our endeavor.

As the impact of climate change continues to dominate media coverage and businesses and consumers alike seek to reduce their carbon output, the idea of a hydrogen economy is gaining momentum like never before.

And for good reason: hydrogen energy is clean, green, and plentiful.

The possibilities of a hydrogen economy are endless: such technology has the potential to substantially decarbonize long-haul transport, agriculture, the automotive industry, and more. In fact, the Hydrogen Council has predicted that 18% of the world’s energy demands could be met by hydrogen as soon as 2050.

In short, we stand poised on the precipice of a hydrogen revolution.

This new frontier provides tremendous opportunity for hydrogen providers and practitioners, but also poses a big question: How do we, as a leading voice for safety in the compressed gas industry, ensure that we are ready to unlock the new promise and potential of these technologies?

As engineers and scientists, many of us in the compressed gas industry know that hydrogen is no more dangerous than many other fuels we use every day. However, hydrogen’s poor, if ill-deserved, reputation precedes it: only 12% of Americans believe that hydrogen is a “very safe” energy source, and 92% of Americans say it’s important to ensure safety standards are set before we begin expanding and scaling up hydrogen technologies.

We cannot make the revolution a reality without assuring consumers that hydrogen technology is safe.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that the Compressed Gas Association, a leading authority for the development and promotion of safety standards in the industrial, medical, and food gases industry, has made a major investment in a new campaign entitled Hydrogen “Safety is Step One” to showcase the importance of safety standards for emerging hydrogen technologies.

For more than 100 years, CGA has been dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices for the compressed gas industry. We have provided safety standards for the use of hydrogen energy for decades, and we continue to provide manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and transporters of hydrogen and other compressed gases with the tools, resources, and information necessary to create and maintain safety above all else.

Today, CGA has a vital role to play in fulfilling hydrogen’s promise as a clean, renewable energy poised to help achieve our global climate goals, and there is no organization in the world better equipped or more experienced in safety standards development than our association. We are here to help develop the specifications, standards, and training that will unlock the hydrogen economy.

The Hydrogen “Safety is Step One” campaign will engage across media relations, social media, and online strategy and communications to communicate to a broad audience about hydrogen safety.

We value your membership within our organization and look forward to your engagement with our campaign developments – keep an eye out for updates shared on my LinkedIn profile, as well as on CGA’s LinkedIn page.  Please help us amplify our commitment by sharing our content across your own channels. For more information, please continue to reference hydrogen content on our website as well as in the biweekly CGANEWS email newsletter for the latest updates on our work.

Together, we can set the course for a more sustainable future.


Rich Gottwald

President & CEO

Compressed Gas Association

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