CHEREA Working on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Long Distance Refrigerated Semi-Trailers
CHEREA Working on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Long Distance Refrigerated Semi-Trailers
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 07, 2018

Expert in frigorific bodyworks, this company from the west of France is working on the integration of a fuel cell to supply optimal and “greener”  refrigerated semi-trailers.

 As a result of the 21st FUI-Regions call for projects, the Refrigerated Optimized Advanced Design (ROAD) project aims to develop a new generation of cost-effective refrigerated semi-trailers ensuring the cold chain through less polluting and quieter technologies. In order to achieve this, a consortium* articulated around CHEREAU aims to develop conventional (e.g. aerodynamics, lightweighting and thermal insulation) and technological bricks. What is more, the ROAD project partners are also developing a refrigeration unit with an electrical power supply, which considerably reduces its environmental impact.

More specifically, the clean energy production comes from a robust fuel cell with an autonomy of 2.5 days and a life expectancy of tens of thousands of hours. The production of "clean" refrigeration is now possible thanks to a new generation of refrigeration units, which operate in a closed-circuit system with CO2 and without emitting any pollutants. The project, which will be implemented in 2019, also aims to optimize the management of the the electrical equipment  through the integration of new components, the implementation of multiplexing and a connected trailer.

* This innovative project is jointly developed by three competitiveness clusters (Mov'eo, ID4CAR, Vehicle Pole of the Future), with the support of AMValor, Carrier, FC Lab, Malherbe, Tronico,  the  Normandy and Burgundy-Franche-Comté regions, as well as BPI France.