CHEREAU and Energy Observer Announce Hydrogen Partnership

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Energy Observer and Chereau Sign Hydrogen Agreement

Following the world premiere of its hydrogen refrigerated semi-trailer at SOLUTRANS in November 2019, CHEREAU has just signed a three-year partnership as an official supporter of Energy Observer, the first hydrogen boat around the world. 

A concrete and meaningful partnership, CHEREAU is clearly committed to the industrialization and marketing of refrigerated hydrogen vehicles. The Norman manufacturer’s strategy goes further since it also engages in the promotion of the hydrogen sector in France through the active promotion of this source of clean energy. It is also present at various fairs such as HYVOLUTION which is held on February 4 and 5 in Paris and in which Energy Observer participates.

CHEREAU and Energy Observer are both members of AFHYPAC (French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) and participate in various projects to set up the sector. CHEREAU not only offers new hydrogen vehicles for its customers but also supports projects to establish hydrogen stations in the region.

For CHEREAU, Energy Observer is a magnificent example and a source of inspiration which testifies that the energy transition is possible when it is driven by a strong desire for green innovation and a keen sense of environmental responsibility. A veritable floating smart-grid, the ship has already covered more than 18,000 nautical miles through its Odyssey. It made 48 stopovers in 25 countries to promote new environmentally friendly energy solutions made possible by mature technologies today: a mix of renewable energies coupled with a hydrogen storage system by electrolysis of l ‘seawater.

CHEREAU, through its commitment to the hydrogen industry, thus becomes a meaningful partner for Energy Observer.

This partnership with CHEREAU is an opportunity to continue efforts in the deployment of concrete systems, alternative to fossil fuel sources.

Victorien Erussard, President, captain, and founder of Energy Observer said, ” We are proud to participate in the construction of an ecosystem of actors committed to clean energies.”

On the industrial side, CHEREAU is making progress in setting up its production structure for hydrogen vehicles via a technical partnership and is continuing operational tests via a partnership with the DELANCHY Group, the main partner of Energy Observer.

The CHEREAU Hydrogen Power H2 refrigerated semi-trailer produces its cold without CO2 or particulate emissions (the only emission being water vapor) with completely silent operation and an operating mode that does not change customer habits because the hydrogen recharge takes only ten minutes.

Damien Destremau, president of THE REEFER GROUP and CHEREAU said, “ Within 10 years, 25% of the production of the Manchese company will be made up of hydrogen vehicles, a proportion which could quickly increase depending on the speed of deployment of the hydrogen supply network. “. he continued, ” This project is, therefore, part of a global environmental approach, which is also found on another scale on our vehicles. We are working in parallel on the energy efficiency of CHEREAU vehicles with VIP insulation (sub- vacuum) which allows a 25% reduction in the operating time of the refrigeration units. Weight reduction is another area of ​​permanent progress. All of these projects represent major investments, essential for the transition to the energy transition to be taken as quickly as possible, it is a clear choice of our company and we are convinced that our customers will understand it, support it, l ‘encourage. ”




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