China: First 200,000 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Production Line Put Into Service in Xuzhou

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On August 8th, the Huaqing Jingkun Energy Company announced that the first batch of 200,000 single cell production lines have been put into production.

The Huaqing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project is the first solid oxide fuel cell production line in China. It sources independent intellectual property rights for its technology and is a major breakthrough in independent innovation in the hydrogen energy industry.

The commissioning of the project will energize the hydrogen fuel cell industry in Xuzhou and help Xuzhou seize a commanding role in this new energy industry.

Solid oxide fuel cell is a high-efficiency power generation device that directly converts the chemical energy of fuel (such as hydrogen, natural gas, etc.) into electrical energy without directly undergoing a combustion process. It is an efficient, environmentally friendly and renewable new energy device.

It is expected that the full capacity will be gradually realized in 2020

With an annual output of 1 million single-cells, 40,000 single-stacks, 10,000 completed boxes, and 1000 sets of 25-kilowatt power generation systems, the total annual production capacity can reach 25 MW.

The project will be put into production, and for the future, the project will build the first hydrogen fuel cell production base and the national hydrogen industry industrial park in China, and build a new industrial park integrating high-end manufacturing, technology research and development, and business incubation.

Source: Polaris Hydrogen Network, Huaqing Jingkun Energy Company


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