China: Hongda Xingye Signs Hydrogen Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Research Institute

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Hongda Xingye Hydrogen Agreement

On February 18 2019, Hongda Xingye signed a Hydrogen Energy Project Cooperation Agreement with the Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Research Institute.

The agreement aims to promote the development of China’s hydrogen energy industry.  The parties agreed to cooperate in R&D, equipment development and promotion, share market interests, avoid market risks, and use their respective advantages to make the hydrogen energy industry bigger and stronger.

Zhou Dafeng, chairman of Hongda Xingye said, “Although the hydrogen energy market is vast, the long-distance storage and transportation of hydrogen has always been a key link that restricts its development. At present, the problems of imperfect hydrogen energy infrastructure and low efficiency of hydrogen storage and transportation are very prominent.”

“The cooperation between Hongda Xingye and Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Institute has solved the above pain points. The company produces liquid hydrogen for use in fuel cell vehicle hydrogen refueling stations. It has high transportation and storage efficiency, compared with traditional high-voltage hydrogen storage. The storage and transportation method is more suitable for large-scale and commercial operation.”

On January 31, 2019, Wuhai City approved the building of 8 hydrogen refueling stations by Hongda Xingye.

As early as December 2016, Hongda Xingye has invested in the establishment of Inner Mongolia Hongda Hydrogen Energy and New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., dedicated to hydrogen storage and application research.

According to Zhou Yifeng, the company is presently actively promoting the construction of the hydrogen refueling station. After the completion of the Wuhai Chemical Hydrogen Station, it will be the first officially operated hydrogen refueling station in Inner Mongolia, which will bring good economic and social benefits to the company.


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