China: Jinan Releases Three Year Hydrogen Energy Development Action Plan

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Recently, the General Office of Jinan Municipal People’s Government formally issued a notice on the issuance of the three-year action plan for the development of Jinan’s hydrogen energy industry (2020-2022).

The following is the relevant content of the “Three-year Action Plan” that has been released:

1 Action goal

By 2022, the city will be built into a hydrogen energy industry base with certain influence in the country, so that the hydrogen energy industry will become a new driving force for the city’s economic development.

1. Innovative research and development goals. Focusing on green and large-scale hydrogen production, hydrogen purification and storage and transportation, vehicle fuel cells and key materials, and key fuel cell technologies, etc., to carry out concentrated efforts. Actively build a collaborative research and development platform, introduce and learn from domestic and foreign advanced technologies, and promote industrial technology research and development. By 2022, build more than 3 new hydrogen energy-related technology research and development platforms and build more than 1 hydrogen detection platform.

2. Promotion and application goals. By 2022, the city will build more than 6 hydrogen refueling stations, promote the application of more than 600 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as buses, logistics vehicles, and sanitation vehicles, and actively explore hydrogen energy in distributed energy, mobile power, combined heat and power and other fields The application demonstration of comprehensive utilization will build our city into a benchmark city for demonstration applications of the national hydrogen energy industry.

3. Industry development goals. Through policy guidance, accelerate the introduction of high-quality resources, gather and expand the hydrogen energy industry, and cultivate and form a competitive hydrogen energy industry cluster. By 2022, the annual output value will strive to exceed 10 billion yuan.

2 Original Action Plan

Notice of the General Office of Jinan Municipal People’s Government on Issuing the Three-year Action Plan for the Development of Jinan’s Hydrogen Energy Industry (2020-2022)

All district and county people’s governments, relevant departments (units) of the municipal government:

The Jinan Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Three-year Action Plan (2020-2022) has been approved by the municipal government and is now issued to you. Please organize and implement it carefully.

General Office of Jinan Municipal People’s Government

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